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Retrieving Data

The front of your Trustpower bill

  1. Account Number
    This is your personal account number, you will need this number handy whenever you contact us.

  2. Due Date
    This is the date your payment is due.

  3. Total Due
    This is your total amount to pay by the due date, after prompt payment discounts.

  4. Previous Account
    Here we show your previous bill balance, the total payments or credits received and any brought forward balance.

  5. This account
    Here we breakdown your bill so you can see what you are spending in relation to each service you receive from us.

  6. Prompt payment discount
    This is how much you will save by paying your bill on time.

  7. Rachel's message
    Look out for tips and announcements from Rachel here.

  8. Payment Slip
    Please include this slip when paying by cheque. If paying at a PostShop or NZ Post Agency, please take your payment slip with you (transaction fees will apply). If paying by Direct Debit, the amount to be deducted and the date this will occur, will be shown here. If paying by Telebanking or Online, our bank account number will be shown here. Please remember to use your account number as a reference. Full payment options are shown on either the front or back of the payment slip.

The back of your Trustpower bill

  1. Previous account detail
    A breakdown of your previous bill balance, any payments or credits received and any balance brought forward.

  2. Details of service
    A detailed breakdown of each of your services.

  3. Property information
    The address and ICP number this service is supplied to.

  4. Bill period
    The period this bill is for.

  5. Read type
    The read type will be either:
    Actual: our meter reader has visited to take your meter readings, or you have supplied your own.
    Estimate: we have calculated your electricity usage based on usage history at this property.

  6. Usage graph
    This graph will show your usage over a calendar month. This is shown as dollars per day and units per day.