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Mobile Plans

All our mobile plans are pay monthly and include data, minutes and text. Enter your address above to see our mobile plans and pricing. 

Add Ons

Add On packs are available for you to add to your plan should you use up your monthly mobile plan allowances for data and minutes (on Rollover plans), or if you require hot spotting (a hot spotting add on is required to hotspot on the 40GB Endless Mobile plan). We recommend purchasing Add Ons when needed as they provide you with great value for money. Check out the Add On packs available below. To add a pack to your mobile plan, simply go to the Trustpower App, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Add Ons for Rollover Data Plans:

 Pack Price

Hotspotting Add Ons:
Hot Spot Packs are only available on the 40GB Endless Mobile plan.

 Pack Price

Note: all Add Ons are valid for 30 days. Packs above are available for use in NZ only. 

Data Auto Allowance

On Rollover Data plans, a Data Auto Allowance of 100MB (cost $5) is automatically applied by us when you reach your plan allowance for data, or have used up any rollover data or Add On data packs that you have purchased. It is only applied once per 30 days if needed. You should have been automatically opted into this feature when you took up your mobile plan with us. You can opt in or out of Data Auto Allowance at any time via the Trustpower App, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Please note Data Auto Allowance excludes roaming and is available for use in NZ only.

Mobile Bundling

Free up more time to do the things you love by creating a bundled plan designed for you, your family, and your home. As well as mobile, Trustpower can supply most areas of New Zealand with electricity, broadband and gas services. Find out what services are available at your address, and build a bundle that’s right for you with our plan builder today. By adding more services to your bundle, you’ll get some great bundle deals, and can cut down on the hassle of dealing with multiple providers, while streamlining everything into one simple bill each month for all the services you have with us.

Leading New Zealand company

Things have come a long way since our beginnings as the Tauranga Electric Power Board in the early 1920s. We’ve grown to around 235,000 customers across New Zealand, adding broadband, gas, and more recently mobile, to the services we offer. We’re proud to be a New Zealand company that keeps growing and providing our customers with simplified service solutions.

Your Mobile questions, answered

Mobile Plans

Our Mobile Plans are pay monthly (on account) plans and include an allowance of data, minutes and texts. On our Endless Mobile plans, speeds will reduce after you exhaust your plans monthly maximum speed data allowance. Plan data is for use in NZ only. Plan minutes and texts are for NZ and Australia. Your mobile plan will renew on the 26th of each month.


Our Rollover Data plans allow data to rollover for 12 months and have capped minutes – these capped minutes do not rollover if unused. All our plans have Unlimited texts.

Endless Mobile

If you are on one of our Endless Mobile plans, you won't run out of data, instead you'll get endless data with the speed reducing once you go over the max speed data allowance of the Endless Mobile plan you are on. Endless mobile plans also include unlimited calls and texts to NZ and Australia. 

Standard Charges

When you use all your mobile plan allowance on Rollover Data plans and do not have any Rollover Data or active Add Ons or Auto Allowances, or you use mobile services that are not included in your plan, you will be charged at standard charges. To view our standard charges click here.

Roaming Zones and Rates

If you are travelling outside of New Zealand and want to use your mobile phone, you will be using our roaming services and are subject to roaming charges. To view our roaming services and charges click here.

Mobile Bundle Discount

You will receive a discount of $5 off each mobile plan when you also have a Trustpower energy and broadband service with us. You must retain at least one additional eligible Trustpower service (energy or broadband) along with your mobile service, otherwise you will lose the discount. This discount may or may not be available in conjunction with future promotional mobile offers.

Mobile Terms and Conditions

To view our full Mobile Service Terms and Conditions, click here. To view our full Mobile Plan Terms and Conditions, click here.


If you are having any issues with using the mobile service, you can check out our Troubleshooting tips here.

Lost or Stolen

If you have lost your mobile phone, or think it may have been stolen, please contact us immediately. Click here to find out more.


A voicemail service is included with your plan. If you need help with setting up or accessing your voicemail, click here.

Mobile FAQs

 Visit this page to search questions you may have regarding mobile.

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