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Ultra Fast Broadband

As the Fibre network extends further around New Zealand, we connect more homes and businesses to Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB). If you’re wanting ultimate speed and capacity and your area has Fibre, this is the best option.


VDSL Broadband

We can connect you to broadband over the phone line, in most areas. It’s not as lightning-fast as Ultra Fast Broadband, but it’s still quick. The more connected the world becomes, the better it is to have broadband.


Wireless Broadband

If you’re unable to get fibre or a decent DSL connection, Wireless Broadband is a great alternative option for getting online – delivered over 4G, it’s super simple to setup with no connection fees.


ADSL Broadband

If you can’t get fibre or prefer to keep your internet use to a minimum, ADSL could be your option.



Connect your home with Trustpower, trusted by Kiwis all over the country as a reliable internet service provider. We offer a wide range of high-speed broadband connection options so that you can find the right plan to suit the unique needs of you and your family. Talk to us today about fast, dependable monthly home broadband plans which can be combined with the other essential utilities at special discounted rates.

One of New Zealand’s leading broadband internet providers

There are many reasons that Kiwis choose Trustpower for their home broadband plans, power and gas needs. One is our long history of service, dating right back to 1915 and our roots as the Tauranga Electric Power Board. Trustpower is already trusted by 230,000 New Zealander households, with more signing up every day to enjoy our affordable monthly internet plans and power and gas services.

Trustpower is also active throughout New Zealand communities, from sponsorships to helping out at local events and providing cars to people doing great work amongst the people of our wonderful country. The Trustpower team are proud of keeping New Zealand connected across the full range of our residential broadband, phone and power services.

Whatever the reasons, Trustpower is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of fast internet plans, naked broadband plans, unlimited data plans and more. We are also trusted rural broadband provider, and are ready to get you online wherever you’re located.

Our naked broadband plans

Want broadband without a phone? Each household is different, and that’s why Trustpower offers a range of naked broadband internet connection plans to suit different speed, data and usage requirements. That way, you can compare broadband plans and get the one that’s right for you and your household. Our residential broadband only plans include economical ADSL broadband connections, fast VDSL broadband connections, flexible wireless plans and for those wanting the fastest broadband connection available, check out our ultra-fast fibre plans.

Our bundled broadband plans

To take advantage of some of our best prices when you sign up to one of our broadband bundle deals. Visit our custom plan builder to build packages comprising broadband, power and gas or a combination of the three. Broadband internet and gas? Power and broadband? No matter what it is you need, it’s never been easier to get your home hooked up with our bundled utilities. Not only do packages allow us to offer some of our best broadband prices, but they make household management a breeze with just one bill and one friendly provider to call with any questions.

High-speed broadband internet plans

The internet is an important part of any modern lifestyle. It keeps us in touch with family and friends, up to date on current events, brings people together, and for many Kiwis it is an essential tool for business. A fast broadband internet connection makes life so much easier, and Trustpower can provide it.

As one of New Zealand’s fibre internet providers, we can hook you up to Ultra Fast Broadband wherever it is available. The network is slowly expanding, so check your address below in our plan builder to see if you are able to get fibre installed at your home.

Unlimited broadband plans

Because a working internet connection is so important, you won’t want to run out of data. With an affordable unlimited internet plan from Trustpower, you won't need to worry about ever coming to the end of your monthly data allowance. Opt for no limits and keep browsing stress-free! Unlimited naked broadband plans for your home are available at different connection speeds to suit your needs.

Your broadband questions, answered

What is broadband?

Broadband is a fast, high-capacity transmission network that enables large volumes of data to be communicated simultaneously. In simple terms, broadband is high-speed internet access, offering far superior upload and download speeds than traditional dial-up connections.

How do I change internet providers?

Switching over to Trustpower from your current internet provider is no problem. You can build your plan online or give us a call to guide you through it, then permit us to contact your current provider, and we’ll take it from there.

How do I compare internet providers?

There are many things to take into account when choosing your internet service provider - you’ll want one you can trust, with affordable rates and varied house internet plans to suit your unique requirements. It’s also a good idea to find a company with principles and ideologies that mesh with yours, whether that’s an eco-friendly stance or a strong focus on giving back.

How do I compare internet speeds?

The speed of your internet connection is a major factor in how satisfied you will be with your service, so it’s important to consider which type of connection you want, whether that be ADSL, VDSL or Ultra Fast Broadband where available. Take note of the speed at which you can upload or download, and whether you find your browsing to go smoothly without much loading time. Whichever internet speed works for you, Trustpower can get you connected.