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Retrieving Data

Current Faults


Call us on 0800 87 87 87 to report any fault not listed above, to ask us for information and advice, or to register for Faults Updates.

For Customers in the Vector area of Auckland please call Vector directly on 0508 VECTOR (0508 832 867) or check Vector’s Outage Page here.

Our Faults Dispatch team are in constant contact with all Network Owners to ensure the most efficient attention is given to your fault, restoration of power, and fault updates.

Our Faults map is regularly updated to give you the latest information obtained from the Network Owners.

Free Faults Updates.

Register for Free Faults Updates and we’ll text or phone you with any situation updates till the power is back on. You can choose whether you’d prefer a text or a phone call. At any time you can stop updates by texting “cancel”, or by pressing “2” when you get the update phone call. To register for faults updates follow these simple steps: If the power goes off, call 0800 87 87 87, press “1” for Electricity Faults and follow the instructions.

Please have your account number handy so we can locate your property quickly.

3 things to do when you have a power fault

1. Check these:

> Do your neighbours have power?
> Did anyone hear or see anything in relation to the power going off?
> Have fuses on your fuse box blown?
> Is your mains switch turned on?
> Are the streetlights on?

2. Turn your power off at the mains if:

> You smell electrical smoke.
> Your power supply surges (lights go dim and then bright again, or appliances are turning off and on).
> There is a fire on site and you can do so safely.

Important – all power lines should be treated as live even after having been turned off at the mains switch.

3. Turn any electronic / digital appliances off if:

> Your power supply is surging (lights go dim and then bright again, or appliances are turning off and on).
> The fuse for any appliance in use has blown. Although the appliance may not be going, you should still turn it off at the wall.
> Water has come in contact with any appliance you are using.
> Your home is struck by lightning (often if your house is struck, appliances in use will stop working).

Power conditioners and/or surge protectors may help reduce voltage fluctuations and can be purchased from electrical appliance outlets. Insurance cover for damage caused by fluctuating power is also an option.

For further information on the types of power faults that may occur at your property, possible causes, checklists and the procedures you should follow when you are dealing with a power fault, please click here.