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Power, gas and broadband

Bundle your household utilities with Trustpower, providing everything you need to keep your home switched on, heated and connected. Our power, gas and internet packages are a cost-effective, efficient and simple solution for any Kiwi home or business, combining everything into one convenient bill.                   

With more and more households choosing to utilise both electricity and gas for their energy needs, and the continued drive towards faster internet connections, bundling utilities has never made more sense. As one of New Zealand’s leading power, gas and broadband providers, Trustpower is proud to be able to deliver these services to our customers in one simple, bundled package, keeping costs down and convenience high.

Our current power, gas and broadband plans

To discover our power, gas and broadband deals for your home are and how you can take advantage of them, enter your details into our plan builder. It will tell you whether your home can be hooked up to reticulated gas and what kind of broadband is offered in your area. Trustpower can get you connected to ADSL or VDSL via a phone line, and Ultra Fast Broadband via the growing fibre network where it exists. You can also determine whether you are a standard or low user of electricity or gas in order to get a better idea of the plans available to your household or business.

Offering our customers savings on all their essential utilities is important to Trustpower, and we can do that best when we bundle our gas, electricity and broadband together. With the added extras we often throw in - from free TVs to months of free broadband - you need look no further for an affordable one-stop shop.

Every household and business in New Zealand is unique, and that’s why our power, gas and broadband packages are too. Your usage, location and preferences will all be taken into account when putting together your options, so you can choose a plan which suits your individual home and lifestyle. What’s more, we want to help preserve our beautiful Aotearoa for generations to come, so you can be assured that your power is from primarily renewable sources, and the clean-burning natural gas is an efficient and eco-friendly way to heat your home.

If you prefer to talk to our staff when setting up your power, gas, broadband or all three together, the friendly Trustpower customer service team has you covered. Give us a call on 0800 36 98 45, and we get you set up with your utilities quickly and easily over the phone. You can also give us your contact details and request a call back at a time that suits you.

The benefits of our combined power, gas and internet plans

If your home uses power, gas and internet, a package deal can be a great option. Our bundles offer great deals on all three utilities, meaning your household could save money year round.

Savings aren't the only benefit to signing up to a bundle. Using Trustpower for combined power, gas and broadband will also streamline your household management with just one bill. One Kiwi-owned company to call and one number for enquiries and customer support; bundling your home utilities is simple with Trustpower.

Trustpower is a trusted provider of gas, electricity and internet services to over 280,000 households across the country. Our power, gas and broadband packages are backed up by a friendly team of representatives waiting to answer your questions and resolve any issues you might have, as well as a 24/7 faults update service.

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