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Trustpower is a leading name on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. The energy we put into generating returns for our investors, the bright ideas we develop for our future and the enlightened policy we have toward the environment and local communities are keys to our success. This is the place to find out about our business performance, and what we offer investors.

Whether you’re a Trustpower investor, potential investor, or stakeholder, or you’re simply keen to understand more about our business, we welcome your interest. In this section, you’ll find our governance documents, key investor information, and details of our major shareholders. You’ll also find comprehensive reporting on our past investment performance, and upcoming dates of importance

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Key investor information

Trustpower is a publicly-owned company, listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). We’re a generator of electricity, a retailer of energy and telecommunication services. Across all our operations, we are committed to sound, responsible innovation and service excellence.


Reports and publications

At Trustpower, we always aim to offer clear, comprehensive and up-to-date reporting on our financial and operating performance and keep our investors and stakeholders in touch. So, in addition to Trustpower’s on-going calendar of financial reporting, we periodically release investor news, organise investor briefings, deliver presentations to stakeholders and so on.


Operating Reports

Investor Publications


This sections outlines Trustpower's dividend policy and lists the dividends paid to shareholders since the demerger in October 2016.


Share and bondholder information

Trustpower has unsubordinated bonds and subordinated bonds on issue, with a total face value of over $300 million. Our bonds are traded on the New Zealand Debt Market (NZDX), with interest paid quarterly to bond holders.


Governance documents

Across all that we do, we are deeply committed to working responsibly, ethically and in full compliance with our obligations. Trustpower’s Code of Ethics and Company Charters reinforce this commitment to the highest level of governance.


Key dates

Our shareholders underpin Trustpower’s business success. So if you’re a shareholder, part of our commitment to you is to ensure clear information on business and investor performance. Here are the expected key dates when important updates will be released.



Trustpower is an electricity generator and retailer. It also supplies gas and telecommunications services to its New Zealand customers as part of its multi-product retail business. Its retail operations are undertaken in New Zealand. Its generation activities are undertaken in both New Zealand and Australia. On 18 December 2015, Trustpower announced that it was considering separating into two New Zealand incorporated listed companies by way of a Court approved scheme of arrangement.