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Retrieving Data

Bundling makes it easy

With Trustpower, it’s easy to bundle your power, gas, broadband and phone with our plan builder. You’ll get a dual fuel discount when you bundle electricity and gas, and a discount on your monthly broadband price when you bundle your broadband and energy.  

Trustpower Friends

We welcome you as a Trustpower Friend as soon as you join us. As a Trustpower Friend, every two months you’ll automatically enter the draw to win $1,000 free power.

Receive one monthly bill

With any of our plans, you’ll receive one monthly bill, unless we have arranged otherwise. Your one bill clearly shows all charges and usage, or estimated usage, and has one total to pay. See our guide to understanding your bill for more information.

Choose when your payment is due

You can choose your payment due date each month. Simply contact us with your preferred payment date (called the ‘fixed due date’), between the 1st and 28th of the month. That’s the date your bill needs paying each month. Our flexible system helps you simplify budgeting by matching the due date with your payday.

There are lots of ways to pay

Trustpower offers several different ways to pay your bill so you can find the method that is right for you. Direct Debit is an easy option that you can set to make payments automatic each month. Or if you like the confidence of knowing exactly what you’ll be paying each month, opt for SmoothPay, which divides your energy cost evenly so you can pay the same amount each month.

The Trustpower App

The Trustpower app makes managing your services easy. You can use it to pay your bill, check how much data you’ve used, or order an LPG bottle.