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Save money and time by bundling your everyday essentials

With Trustpower, it’s easy to bundle your power, gas, internet and phone. You’ll gain a discounted price compared to getting the services individually, so you’ll save money. Trustpower has over 100,000 customers receiving phone and internet services, and we are one of the largest retailers on the rapidly expanding Ultra Fast Broadband network.

Trustpower Friends

We welcome you as a Trustpower Friend as soon as you join us. This means every two months you automatically go in the draw to win $1,000 free power.

Save another 15% with your prompt payment discount

When you pay your bill in full, on or before the due date, you get a 15% prompt payment discount. Over a year, that could add up to almost two months of free power. (The discount may not apply if you’re getting other special offers.)

Receive one monthly bill

Whatever plan you’re on, you’ll receive one monthly bill, unless we have arranged otherwise. Your one bill clearly shows all charges and usage, or estimated usage and has one clear total to pay. See our guide to understanding your bill for a full explanation.

Choose when your payment is due

You can choose the date your payment is due each month. Simply contact us with your preferred payment date (called the ‘fixed due date’), between the 1st and 28th of the month. That’s the date your invoice needs paying each month. This can help you simplify budgeting by matching the due date to your pay day.