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Pre-made Utilities Bundles

Looking for a way to set up your household services that’s easy, efficient and reduces the time spent on household management? Look no further than Trustpower’s pre-set bundles. You can get a range of utilities packaged together into one easy bill, provided by one Kiwi-owned company, at a price that could help you to save money.

What are pre-made bundles?

Our ready-set bundles are a great way to get your home’s utilities all together on one bill and from the same provider. There are great options available for all New Zealand households, whether that’s a simple power and phone plan or a comprehensive pre-made power, gas and broadband bundle.

Why choose pre-made bundle plans?

Many people receive services like power, gas, internet and phone from several different providers, meaning a range of bills and different phone numbers to call with any questions. Our pre-made utilities bundles provide greater convenience, with just one bill to pay, one company to contact and everything you need taken care of. If you are moving into a new home or just want to streamline your household management, a pre-made bundle is a great option.

Our pre-made bundle offers are also very cost-effective, as the price gets lower with more utilities included.

Pre-made power bundles

Power is something that’s a necessity in almost every Kiwi household, so our pre-made power bundles are a popular option. Combine electricity for your home with whichever other services you need and enjoy smooth sailing in your switched-on household.

Pre-made power and gas bundles

Electricity is great, but for efficient heating and cooking, gas is an increasingly popular choice for New Zealand homes. Our pre-made power and gas bundles are designed to meet the needs of homes all around the country, with both reticulated natural gas and bottled LPG delivery services available.

Pre-made power and broadband bundles

Your home can be powered up and connected to the world wide web with fewer worries when you opt for another of our popular packages: pre-made power and broadband bundles. Get your electricity and broadband internet connection on one bill and make life a little easier.

Pre-made power and landline bundles

Trustpower also offers pre-made power and landline phone connection bundles, for those who like the convenience and low cost of a home phone for their calling. Enjoy a competitive price and a convenient single bill for your home’s power and landline utilities when you sign-up with one of Trustpower’s pre-made bundles today.

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