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LPG for your home

There are many benefits to using gas for your home energy requirements, including more precise cooking temperatures and hot water on demand. The instant, adjustable heat provided by LPG can also help create a warm home.  

LPG bottled gas sizes and NZ delivery

Our LPG delivery service means that you can use bottled gas for cooking or heating your property efficiently in many places in New Zealand outside the piped reticulated gas network.

Ordering LPG bottled gas is easy. Get a quote today or contact us to check delivery options in your area. Where available, Trustpower can deliver large 45kg LPG bottles to your home and collect any empty gas bottles. To find out if bottled gas is available for your area, visit our plan builder and enter your address.

Bottled gas deals

To view and compare our bottled gas deals and pricing, enter your residential address into our plan builder.

Bundled bottled gas plans

Spend less time paying multiple bills from different suppliers with a bundled energy and broadband plan from Trustpower. Alongside reticulated and bottled gas, Trustpower is able to supply your home’s electricity, mobilebroadband internet and landline phone connection with one account and combined bill.

Changing LPG gas suppliers

Changing your bottled gas or LPG supplier is simple. Please get in touch with the Trustpower team by phone or use our plan builder to find out what gas energy options are available at your location. Once you have contacted us, it's quick and easy to switch over. 

Your bottled gas questions, answered

What is LPG gas?

LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is generally a mix of propane and butane, sold as bottled gas. LPG is manufactured during the refining process of petroleum.

What is LPG gas used for?

There are many uses for LPG gas bottles in the home. Small LPG bottles are often used for barbecues, but the large 45kg bottles are generally connected to appliances such as ovens, stoves, hot water heaters, furnaces, and even dryers to provide instant heat that keeps your household going all year round.

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