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Fibre broadband plans

Fibre broadband plans offer the fastest fixed-line connection speeds available from Trustpower. It's a great choice for any home connection with multiple users.

We can help you find out which type of connection and broadband plans are available at your property. Learn more about the installation process for New Zealand homes here.  

What are the advantages of fibre broadband?

Compared to traditional internet connection services such as ADSL and VDSL, which use a fixed copper line connection, fibre optic broadband connections offer the following advantages:

  • Superior high-definition video streaming and lower latency for smoother online gaming and better voice call quality.
  • Additional support for more users and devices simultaneously streaming, browsing, downloading and gaming.
  • Faster download speeds and quicker upload speeds for large files such as photos and video.

Learn more about the benefits of fibre broadband connection here.

One of New Zealand's leading Fibre broadband providers

Trustpower started as the Tauranga Electric Power Board in the early 1920s, but has now grown to become New Zealand’s fifth-largest provider of fixed-line broadband.

Fibre broadband deals

To see our fibre broadband deals and pricing, enter your home’s address into our plan builder. The plan builder will show what services and broadband options are available at your address, including our current bundled Fibre Broadband deals.  

Bundled fibre plans

If you have better things to do than paying multiple bills from different utility providers, a bundled plan from Trustpower could be perfect for you. Simply visit our fibre plan builder page and add the power, gas, mobile and landline phone services you need.

Bundling our utility services with a fibre broadband plan provides added value. A bundle plan also saves you time with a single combined bill per month for all your services with us. 

Unlimited data fibre broadband plans

When you sign up to an unlimited data fibre broadband plan from Trustpower, worrying about data allowances per month will be a thing of the past. Our unlimited data plans are ideal for homes where multiple users and devices are sharing the same broadband connection. Watch Netflix, stream or download movies and play online games simultaneously.

Naked broadband plans

If you need broadband internet for your home but don't require a phone line, get a naked fibre 100 GB broadband plan or our popular plan with unlimited data per month. Check here to see which plan is available at your address.

Your fibre broadband questions, answered

What is Fibre Broadband?

Fibre broadband is a technology that allows for faster internet connections, thanks to fibre optic cables that transmit information via pulses of light. These fibre cables result in a more stable internet connection delivering higher download and upload speeds.

What speeds can I expect from Fibre Broadband?

 The estimated industry average peak time speeds (source: MBNZ Summer Edition 2022)  for FibreClassic are download 313Mbps/upload 110Mbps. The estimated industry average peak time speeds for FibreMax  are download 841Mbps/upload 502Mbps You may experience higher or lower speeds than this.

What can influence my Fibre Broadband speed?

Factors that may influence your speed include the device you are using and its capabilities, your operating system and web-browser, if you’re connecting wirelessly to your router, and the number of devices connecting via WiFi. If you have a router supplied by Trustpower, this router is capable of providing the estimated peak time average speeds, subject to the other factors described above. If you are using a router not supplied by Trustpower, you may not receive the stated speeds.

What is the Fibre Broadband initiative?

This initiative refers to the New Zealand Government's plan to deliver fibre broadband to 87% of the country's homes through a high definition fibre network by 2022. It is a public-private partnership, with four companies contracted by the crown to lay the fibre network cables in different areas.

Can I get Fibre Broadband?

 Find out if fibre broadband is available at your address, what plan is best for you and any contract terms and conditions that may apply.

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