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Ultra fast fibre broadband

High-speed fibre optic broadband is currently the fastest internet connection option available for homes throughout New Zealand.

In today’s digitally connected world, fast and stable connections are relied on for everything from banking transactions to watching TV. Fibre optic technology brings high-speed browsing to Kiwi houses and businesses, providing the high download and upload speeds required for the best possible browsing and streaming experience.

Although not yet available throughout all of New Zealand, the network of fibre optic broadband cables is spreading quickly. A Government initiative has promised UFB to 80% of the population by 2022, including all the major urban centres. To find out if your home can be connected, enter your address into our fibre broadband checker and we’ll tell you what Trustpower home fibre broadband deals are available.

For seamless internet usage with fewer slowdowns, lengthy buffering sessions or download issues, our fibre broadband deals are a great way to go. Find out more about revolutionising your browsing experience with a Trustpower ultra-fast broadband plan below.

Our Ultra fast fibre plans

There’s no one Ultra Fast Broadband plan to suit every single household, which is why we have a wide range of fibre broadband offers available. Select from high speed, higher speed and highest speed options, and pick whether you want capped or unlimited fibre broadband.

Trustpower can also offer fibre broadband and phone deals as well as a simple naked fibre plan with no landline. Compare the fibre plans below to decide which one best fits your usage, customise your connection and get online for the ultimate internet experience with Ultra Fast Broadband. Our friendly team can help you with any queries or get the process started for you - just give us a call on 0800 36 98 45 or request a call back at a specified time.

If you don’t require the high speeds provided by an ultra-fast fibre plan, check out our other home broadband connection plans.

Our fibre broadband deals

Bring down the cost of your plan and make the most of our fibre broadband plans when you bundle your home internet connection with other household utilities. Trustpower is not only a UFB provider but also a trusted provider of high-quality power, home gas connections and landline phone services to more than 280,000 homes across NZ.

To get our best fibre deals, use our home utilities plan builder to combine your internet services with one or more additional energy or communication connections from Trustpower. Bundles can not only keep your costs down but can also make your life a little easier. One bill and one company to go to with any questions can help make household management more streamlined - an important factor to consider for busy Kiwis.

Your fibre broadband questions, answered

What is fibre broadband?

Essentially, it is a technology which allows for much faster internet connections thanks to fibre optic cables, which transmit information via pulses of light. Because it operates through these cables - via fibre broadband providers - rather than over the phone lines, it requires an entirely new cable network be laid.

What is Ultra Fast Broadband?

Ultra Fast Broadband refers to the NZ government initiative of developing fibre networks to cover 80% of the country’s homes by 2022. It is a public-private partnership, with four companies contracted by the crown to lay the network cables which will result in connection speeds of 100Mbit/s downstream and 50Mbit/s upstream at the very minimum, upgradable to be up to ten times higher.

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