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Extra line services

To add flexibility and control to your home phone, you can choose from numerous add-on services. These range from things like call waiting, to voice mail, even an additional phone line can be added.


See our calling rates

It’s easy to check our standard base rates for calls to common destinations around the world.


Home phone services

Talk to your heart’s content with Trustpower’s landline phone services. For many the humble home phone is still the most affordable way to stay in touch, and thanks to our range of home phone plans, it’s easy to talk to friends and family all over the world.

Choose Trustpower as your phone service provider and you get a great plan with free local calls and plenty of international call options for the places you call most often. The team at Trustpower is proud to be keeping Kiwis connected and switched on all over Aotearoa, so talk to us today about our home phone deals and internet and landline packages.

A trusted New Zealand phone company

From our roots in the early 1900s as the Tauranga Electric Power Board to today, we are proud to ensure that New Zealand households and businesses are provided with their power, internet and phone services.

Founded right here in New Zealand and still Kiwi owned and operated, Trustpower is committed to keeping NZ green and beautiful through our focus on sustainability.

Our home phone plans

At Trustpower we know that every household in New Zealand is unique. Our landline plans cover all kinds of calling habits, and our friendly team will work to find the best home phone plan to suit your home and its occupants.

Those with relatives or friends across the oceans should consider our Cap120 plan with set rates for two-hour calls to various parts of the globe. If Australian connections are keeping you chatting, you can get an NZ and Australia toll-free plan at $19.95 per month. Should you find yourself punching in the same number over and over again to talk to one special person, the Favourite Number plan is likely the best option for you. Whatever your usage might be, you can tailor your basic landline phone plan to suit your specific needs and budget.

Trustpower also offers a list of add-on services for your home phone line. Make your service work even harder for you with call waiting, voicemail, call diversion, faxability, three way calling and many other extras.

Take a look at our table of rates and various call plan options for more details of plans and add-on services, or call our friendly team on 0800 36 98 45 to discuss the possibilities for your landline connection.

Home phone and broadband

Trustpower supplies combined internet and phone plans to households throughout New Zealand. For great prices on both home phone and broadband, give us a call or head over to our residential plan builder and see the packages that will get you online and on the phone in one fell swoop. All of our internet plans are available in conjunction with a home phone line.

Bundled services

It’s not only broadband that can be bundled with your landline to keep costs down and convenience high. Trustpower is also a trusted provider of power and natural gas, serving many households throughout New Zealand with their essential energy utilities. Choosing Trustpower for two or even three services as well as your home phone will mean you can get rates to beat most landline only providers, as well as fewer bills and more streamlined household management.

Your phone questions, answered

How do I change phone companies?

It’s simple to switch telephone providers. If you’d like to sign up with Trustpower and get on one of the best home phone plans out there, just contact us, and we’ll take care of everything including cancelling your service with your existing landline provider.

How do I compare home phone plans?

Trustpower offers many options beyond the basic landline phone plan. Determining the one which is best for you and your household will depend entirely on your usage and preferences. Trustpower has plans which will suit those calling overseas often, those in frequent contact with Australia, those who tend to call mobile numbers and more.

Our friendly team is always available on 0800 36 98 45 to help you weigh up the options, compare the landline phone plans and decide which fits best for you and anyone else who uses the line.