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Covid-19 Policy for Visitors to Trustpower Workplaces – January 2022

Trustpower has recently implemented a Covid-19 policy to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection or transmission while at work, or in the communities where we operate. The policy aligns with Government guidance around precautions for workplaces and includes requirements for visitors to Trustpower workplaces, and their employers, which are outlined below.

  • From 17 January 2022, only fully vaccinated visitors may visit Trustpower workplaces, and visitors must be able to present their My Vaccine Pass upon request at a Trustpower workplace.
  • The policy requires assurance from all our suppliers and contractors that any of their employees/contractors attending our workplaces are fully vaccinated. This extends to sub-contractors and sub-consultants. Please provide this assurance in writing to the Trustpower employee who engaged you.
  • Please inform Trustpower immediately if someone who has attended a Trustpower workplace records a positive test result or has visited a location of interest and is required to self-isolate. This information will be treated confidentially.
  • We recognise that you may have requirements of Trustpower employees when they visit your workplaces and will work with you and our people to ensure these are achieved.

The Covid-19 situation is rapidly evolving and we will regularly review our approach and keep you informed of any new or changing requirements.