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Retrieving Data

When reading the meter, start reading from left to right and only read the black numbers or dials.

Reading Your Meter - Newer meter dials
Diagram A

To read the meter shown in diagram A:

Simply read from left to right. This meter has used 005619 units (kilowatt hours). Ignore the figure on the far right which is marked underneath as either 0.01, 0.1 or 1/10. 

On many meters this figure is red in colour – but not in all cases.

Reading Your Meter - Digital meter dials
Diagram B

To read the meter shown in diagram B:

As the meter scrolls through its display sequence, look for screens that feature kWh. Read the numbers from left to right, up to the decimal point, and note any description displayed on the screen. In this example, the kWh readings are 94967 for NITE and 00076 for DAY. Information displays for digital meters can vary. If the meter does not scroll to a kWh screen automatically, please contact Trustpower for assistance.

Reading Your Meter - Older meter dials
Diagram C

To read the meter shown in diagram C:

The two top dials 1/100 and 1/10 are for testing purposes only, so you can ignore them. Read the black dials from left to right starting with the dial with the highest number under it. Eg. 10,000 as shown. 

When the hand is between two numbers always read the lowest number (even if it is not the closest to the hand). For example, if the hand is between 5 and 6, write down the number 5. When the hand looks like it is exactly on a number, look at the hand of the clock to the right. 

If the hand on that clock is between 9 and 0 then write down the lower number from the previous clock. If the hand is between 0 and 1 then write down the higher number from the previous clock. 

The meter reading in this example is 05619.