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Retrieving Data

Below we have listed the reasons which have lead us to retire these traffic cameras:

  1. With Tauranga's traffic having become significantly more congested, generally all viewers are now seeing on the cameras are lines of traffic, which isn't very useful information.
  2. Some camera locations have moved or undergone significant change over the last 15 years, and the road improvements at the key Bayfair and Welcome Bay sites will soon make these cameras redundant.
  3. The technology that supports the cameras is becoming increasingly difficult to service, with significant cost, traffic management and time now involved to keep them running.
  4. Users have reduced, many have moved onto different platforms, such as Google Maps, to help them make informed travel choices.

If you used our Traffic cameras frequently other options you could utilise are:

Google Maps

Here App
AA Traveller

We've been proud to be of service to our community with these cameras and we're glad you used them. As always, we'll look for other ways to support going forward into the future.