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When you join on an eligible power and broadband bundle for a 24 month term

Plus you'll also get...
Modem included ($14.95 P&H) OR bring your own device!Get a dual fuel discount if you get gas with us too

Free standard broadband connection > Two year broadband price cap* > Terms, conditions & exit fees apply >

Choose the broadband plan that's right for you


from $94 per month**

100/20 Fibre

from $94 per month**

200/20 Fibre

from $114 per month**


from $134 per month**

**The per month price includes a $15 per month bundle discount which applies as long as you keep an energy service with us too.

Dolphin X 30 Pool Cleaner

Get your pool swim-ready with the Dolphin X30 Pool Cleaner

Using advanced scrubbing technology, the Dolphin X30 works to efficiently clean pool floors, walls, and waterlines. Simply turn it on, place in the pool, then walk away.

  • Light-weight and easy to handle
  • Clog-free filtration
  • Collects both thick and fine debris 
  • Quick water release
  • PowerStream Mobility System provides a constant grip on pool surfaces and navigates floors and walls with ease
  • CleverClean™ Coverage ensures floor and walls are cleaned

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Simply enter your address in the grey panel below. This helps us tell you what services are available at your property.

Choose services

Select the internet service that you wish to receive, be it ADSL, VDSL, or Fibre (if available).

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Click on the SIGN UP button to go straight through to signing up, or click on the PLAN BUILDER button to build your plan out further.

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Your address details are used to provide pricing, offer and supply information. For more info please refer to our Privacy Policy >

Your sign up questions, answered

When will I get my Dolphin X30 Pool Cleaner after signing up?

Your Dolphin X30 Pool Cleaner will be ordered once your 10 day cooling down period has ended and all services have been connected. Delivery will be attempted within 20 working days of the order being placed. We will supply you with your track and trace number once the order has been confirmed.

Delivery time frames are subject to change and depend on stock availability.

How long will it take for my services to be connected with Trustpower?

For electricity and reticulated gas, we aim to have your property switched to Trustpower from your current provider within 10 working days.

For broadband, most copper internet services are connected within 10 business days of sign-up. We aim for these to be connected as soon as possible, however connections are subject to Chorus contractor availability.

Fibre services require more work to be connected. For all new fibre installations there are three phases; scope, build and connection. A standard dwelling is typically connected in 4-6 weeks. Multi dwelling units such as apartment buildings or shared access way installations are commonly connected in 8-10 weeks. If fibre is already installed at your property, services are usually connected faster than the timeframes mentioned above, however, it is still subject to technician availability.

Will you contact my current provider to arrange the transfer to Trustpower?

If you’re joining Trustpower for power or gas, there is no need to contact your current provider to cancel your account. Trustpower will organise this for you.

It is recommend that you contact your previous internet provider to confirm your services are disconnected with them once your internet connection has completed with Trustpower. In some cases, we will organise the transfer on your behalf, however, if you are changing connection types (e.g. previously on VDSL and have joined Trustpower for a fibre connection), this is not always possible.

Do I have to use a Trustpower supplied modem?

If you’re joining Trustpower for a broadband connection, you will be provided with a modem (postage & packaging costs $14.95). However, if you would like to use your own modem, you are more than welcome to. Prior to connection, you will need to check that your current modem is compatible with the connection type you have signed up for with Trustpower. Our technical support team can assist you with this, and any other changes you may need to make to your modem settings.

Can I change my broadband speed while on this contract?

Throughout the duration of your 24 month contract, you are more than welcome to change your fibre speed to a higher speed option, however, your monthly pricing would increase accordingly. You would not be eligible to downgrade your speed or data amount while still in your contract period.

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Easy to deal with

Easy to deal with

We aim to answer the phone fast, fix problems quickly and respect your time.

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With the new Trustpower app you can view your broadband usage, pay your bill and contact us anytime, anywhere.

Easy to be in control

With just one bill a month rather than two or three, managing your account is easy.

Easy on New Zealand

We're 99% New Zealand owned, 100% New Zealand operated, and 99% of our power generation is from renewable sources.

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Switching is easy, simply enter your address online, choose your services and complete sign up.

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The process should take less than 10 minutes if you have all your information.

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Terms, conditions and other things you need to know...

Dolphin Terms and Conditions

*Offer available to new residential customers taking power and broadband together at one property. Offer excludes wiring and maintenance, and any extra line services. This offer is not available to customers who have had their services with Trustpower within the last 12 months. This offer may be subject to change or expiry without prior notice. We are not obliged to provide you with services unless we accept your application. We can decide whether or not to accept any application and credit criteria may apply. The bundle discount no longer applies if you switch or terminate all your energy services during the 24 month term. Your price for broadband applies for the Term as long as you keep your power with Trustpower. If you cancel your power service or switch power providers within the term, you will move to the then standard Trustpower monthly rate for your broadband speed plan for the rest of the term. The term of the Agreement for power and internet services (Term) is 24 months. This Term starts at the end of any “cancellation period” that applies to you, or when your broadband and power services have both been connected with Trustpower, whichever is the later.

Exit Fee

A $1,300 exit fee is payable only once during the Term if the bundle is broken by switching or terminating your power and/or broadband services.

    † We aim to provide the fastest speed available on your broadband connection for your broadband plan, which is up to 100mbps download speed and up to 20mbps upload speed when you are on the 100/20 fibre plan. For the 200/20 fibre plan this is up to 200mbps download speed and up to 20mbps upload speed. For the FibreMax plan this is up to 700-900mbps download speed and up to 400-450mbps upload speed. The speeds listed under each plan refer to theoretical maximum speeds, however actual speeds may vary and are affected by many factors which may be outside our control including the device you are using and its capabilities, your operating system and web-browser, and if you’re connecting wirelessly to your modem and the number of devices connecting via wifi.

    †† Non-standard fibre - If your home is more than 200m from where the fibre cable access point is on the street, or you need additional internal wiring there may be an additional installation cost. ADSL or VDSL Broadband - If you do not already have an active phone and/or broadband connection there is a connection fee (minimum connection fee $63). If a technician is dispatched to the property or exchange in order to complete the connection there may be further charges up to $263.53. Should additional non-standard work be required to complete your connection, a quote will be provided.

    The joining reward that you have chosen as part of this offer is a Dolphin X30 Pool Cleaner. In the event that our supplier is unable to provide the exact model specified Trustpower will work with them to determine a replacement model of equal or greater value. If this occurs we will contact you to advise of the details of the new product. If you choose not to accept the replacement product, you can terminate the agreement without paying any exit fees.

    Trustpower and Dolphin Pacific Limited will disclose your personal information to each other and their related companies and/or subcontractors, and use that personal information, as required to provide you with services under this offer, including for billing purposes and for the delivery of a Dolphin X30 Pool Cleaner to your nominated address. All personal information will be collected, used, held and disclosed in accordance with Trustpower’s and Dolphin Pacific Limited’s Privacy Policies and the Privacy Act 1993.

    Full terms available at www.trustpower.co.nz/dolphinofferterms