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Power and gas plans

Trustpower proudly provides power and gas bundles across most of New Zealand. These bundles are available for reticulated (plumbed) natural gas or LPG bottle home delivery and pickup service, depending on service availability.

One of New Zealand’s leading power and gas companies

We’re proud to be the power and gas provider of choice for homes throughout New Zealand. Starting out as the Tauranga Electric Power Board in the early 1920s, we now have around 235,000 customers across the country.

Offering electricity, plumbed gas connections and gas bottle deliveries, our network covers most of New Zealand. In many areas where reticulated natural gas isn’t available, we have you covered with our LPG bottle home delivery service.

Our power and gas bundles

As one of New Zealand’s leading power and gas suppliers, we know that every home has unique needs. With our online power and gas plan builder, you can quickly find out what is available in your area and create an energy bundle tailored to your location and needs.

As well as residential power and gas, Trustpower also offers landline and broadband connections, including Fibre Broadband where available. By adding more services to your power and gas bundle, you can cut down on the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers while streamlining everything into one simple bill each month for all the services you have with us.

Not sure if you need gas in your home, or unsure as to what type of residential gas supply you need? Contact us, and we can help you sign up for gas with Trustpower today!

Combined power and gas deals

Trying to find our best power and gas deals? Find out what power, gas, landline and broadband services are available at your address with our plan builder today.

Your power and gas questions, answered

How do I find your power and gas prices?

Use our plan builder to easily create a power and gas plan that works for you. Enter your address and a few other details to see the estimated power and gas rates for your home.

How do I switch power and gas companies?

Use our plan builder online or give us a call. From there, relax. We can take care of the details to get you up and running.

Utilities Disputes
Utilities Disputes provide a free and independent dispute resolution service to help consumers to resolve electricity, gas and water complaints with their provider. Find out more.
Consumer Powerswitch is a free and independent energy price comparison site. Find out more.

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