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Power and Gas

We’re cooking, showering and heating with gas. As a leading power and gas supplier, Trustpower connects homes and businesses around the North Island to reticulated (plumbed) natural gas. We also deliver LPG (bottled gas) to most areas around New Zealand.

Gas is fast becoming popular for use in stoves, ovens, water heating, furnaces and even clothes dryers. Providing an instant heat, clean-burning gas is a great solution for many Kiwi homes. Trustpower is proud to be able to provide great power and gas deals all around New Zealand, either via a reticulated (plumbed) natural gas connection or thanks to our LPG bottle home delivery and pickup service.

One of New Zealand’s leading power and gas providers

Trustpower is an energy and gas provider with a long history providing quality power to New Zealanders, from our roots as the Tauranga Electric Power Board in the early 1900s to today. We currently power more than 280,000 homes across the country, and also keep Kiwis connected to a range of other utilities including fibre broadband and phone lines. Sustainability is important to us, as is giving back to the communities which use our services through sponsorships, volunteering and donations.

We are proud to be the power and gas supplier of choice for many New Zealand households and strive to provide the best possible levels of customer service and satisfaction. Where reticulated natural gas is unavailable, we have got you covered with our LPG bottle home delivery service. We drop the 45kg bottles off for you to use, then pick up the empties and replace them when needed - simple!

Our power and gas plans

There are no two homes in Aotearoa that are the same, and that’s why we offer different plans to suit different households. Our plan builder can tell you online which are the best power and gas plans for you, taking into account variables such as your usage, your location and whether or not reticulated gas is available at your address. Should you prefer to talk to a person, give our friendly team a call on 0800 36 98 45 to discuss the options.

A great way to get power and gas is to combine the two, and with Trustpower you can take the savings even further by bundling together two, three or even four essential home utilities. As well as power and gas at great rates, we can offer landline and broadband internet connections - including Ultra Fast Broadband over the fibre network where available - to streamline your bill paying and keep prices low. One bill and one number to call with any queries will save you not only money, but time too.

Want to create your own power and gas bundle? Visit our Plan Builder to get started.

Not sure if you need gas in your home, or unsure as to what type of gas you need? Contact us and we can help you purchase gas with Trustpower today!

Your power and gas questions, answered

How do I choose an energy company?

Smart kiwis on the hunt to find reliable, cheap energy and are willing to shop around for the best options. You’ll want to find a company that fits your values - perhaps sustainability is one of these - and that will offer home energy plans to fit in with your unique lifestyle.

How do I compare power and gas prices?

Our plan builder makes it simple to compare the various options and find a power and gas plan that works for you. Enter your address and a few other details to find out what’s available to your home. If you’d rather do your power and gas comparison over the phone, give our friendly team a call on 0800 36 98 45 or request a call back via the button below.

How do I switch power and gas companies?

If you have compared gas and electric companies and want to change over to Trustpower, use our plan builder online or give us a call to find out the best deals for your needs. From there, relax. We can take care of all the details to get your household up and running.

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