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Retrieving Data

What you need to know

How we work

We want to make sure work is appropriately planned and executed. This means that, no matter the size of the work that is to be done, we’ve considered all aspects, including:

Contractor considerations

View our critical risk guidelines

We do this through collaboration; sharing information we have available to us, seeking input from those who may be impacted by our work or have specific knowledge, and letting that inform how we execute work. We see it as a cycle that continues through all phases of work, especially when changes occur. We expect you too to follow this same approach to work – having the right conversations with the right people.

contract information loop

How we manage risks

Safety is everyone’s responsibility; we all play a part in ensuring we have considered the potential for harm as a result of our work, and that risk of harm is managed to a level as low as reasonably practicable. For some hazards, the risk is critical - meaning the potential harm is a fatality. If you’re work involves any of the following nine critical risks, please take the time to read our short guideline on that risk. It can be a helpful resource to use as assurance that critical controls have been considered during planning and implemented.

critical risk guideline

What you need to do

Bring the right tools and PPE for the task

Please come prepared for the work as we will not be able to provide tools, equipment or PPE on the day and may mean that you are turned away from site – we don’t want this to happen! At a minimum, please have the following available to you when you arrive at our sites:

right tools

During work planning and communication with your Trustpower site representative, the exact tools, equipment and PPE requirements will be confirmed.


Before any of us can work on a Trustpower site, we must first complete inductions. These are:


Our inductions will provide you with all the information you should know, to arrive safely and be best prepared to work and manage the risks you are likely to encounter whilst at a Trustpower site. Upon completion, these inductions are valid for two years.

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