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Mangahao Power Station

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Mangahao Hydroelectric Power Station is located on Mangahao river, in the North Island. The power station was first commissioned in 1924 and is one of five stations owned by King Country Energy (KCE), who have contracted out the operation to Trustpower. Trustpower and KCE work closely with each other through the power generation process. The station’s average annual output is 131 GWh. 

At a Glance


Commissioned 1924

Max Capacity 39.8 MW

Annual output 131 GWh

Mangahao Station makes use of multiple dams to control water levels. There is public access across the dams. This power house building contains the main generating unit G1 commissioned in 1994, and G2 and G3, the original 1920's Peltons. Part of the scheme features a mini Hydro Building. This building contains the two mini-hydro units commissioned in 2004. The Mangahao substation contains the transformer for connection to the network.

Environment and recreation

With the help of local Regional Council (Horizons), King Country Energy have completed new fish passes at the Mangahao Station. Vegetation control and property erosion management is a year-round focus. Downstream of the power station is a canoe slalom course managed by the Environment White Water Park Trust (EWWPT).

Mangahao Power Station
Mangahao Power Station


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