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We’re very aware of the bigger picture and the need to operate in a sustainable manner. In New Zealand, our generation philosophy is founded on the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), which aims for sustainable management of New Zealand’s natural and physical resources. Under the RMA, stakeholders are expected to find and pursue the balance that best serves communities - today and into the future.

Safety is integral to all Trustpower’s generation operations. For our staff and contractors, we have clear health and safety procedures, supporting the message: “If it’s not safe, then find a better way… Someone expects you home today”.

We always seek to deliver energy to customers at a reasonable cost, with the minimum cost to the environment. To achieve this, we seek maximum efficiency, balanced with practicality. All our generation facilities and proposed facilities, are located close to demand. This minimizes transmission losses, as well as minimizing the need for other stakeholders to invest in transmission infrastructure.

We always seek to deliver energy at a reasonable cost, with minimal cost to the environment.

We respect all environments we operate in, whether mountain, plain, river, town or city. We see our role as caretaker and even a guardian, rather than simply an owner and operator. We have a proven and respected reputation for improving and responsibly managing our generation facilities.

To underline our commitment, we have set and follow, an Environmental Policy for all our operations. This policy has been signed by our Board of Directors.