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At Trustpower, we respect the environments we operate in. We see our role as a caretaker as well as an owner and operator of facilities. Our focus on sustainable generation supports New Zealand in meeting its climate change obligations and is in line with the New Zealand Government’s long-term Energy Strategy.

Our Environmental Policy guides all our actions that have potential to affect the environment. The policy was developed by staff who are responsible for Trustpower’s day-to-day operations. Confirming its key place in our business, the policy is signed off by the Chief Executive.

Our environmental policy


Trustpower is committed to managing its operations in a legally compliant and environmentally responsible manner. This environmental policy outlines how Trustpower will achieve its commitments.

Environmental Policies

  • To comply with all of the legal environmental obligations of the jurisdictions in which we operate;
  • To ensure our activities do not lead to environmental pollution in the areas in which we operate;
  • To promote the continual improvement of environmental performance and environmental awareness;
  • To understand how our business activities impact on our stakeholders and to respond appropriately;
  • To train our people to carry out activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

In meeting these policies, Trustpower will:

  • Establish measureable targets that are acted upon, regularly monitored, reported and reviewed.
  • Ensure that this Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees, contractors, and is made publicly available.