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King Country Energy customers will soon have a change of electricity supplier from King Country Energy to Trustpower.

Trustpower has been a majority shareholder in King Country Energy for the past three years. Earlier this year Trustpower and the King Country Electric Power Trust entered into an arrangement whereby the parties agreed to acquire the balance of King Country Energy and, upon that being completed, Trustpower would acquire King Country Energy’s retail business with King Country Energy retaining the generation assets.

Trustpower is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of power and gas and is also New Zealand’s fastest growing phone and broadband provider. By switching you to Trustpower, in addition to providing you the value and service you’ve come to expect from King Country Energy, we also offer phone and broadband as well as reticulated and bottled gas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for King Country Energy customers?

There will be no interruption to electricity services and King Country Energy customers will still be looked after by New Zealand based staff who really care about customers.

The electricity services at each property will be switched to Trustpower and following the switch customers will receive invoices from Trustpower. There is no need for customers to do anything as King Country Energy and Trustpower will manage the process.

After the services switch to Trustpower, customers of The Lines Company will continue to receive their monthly bill from The Lines Company for the lines they provide.

Will the price for electricity paid by King Country Energy customers change?

King Country Energy customer electricity prices will remain the same for at least 12 months.

When will King Country Energy customers change to Trustpower?

King Country Energy and Trustpower are in the process of establishing when we will be transitioning customers and we will be in contact with customers in the next couple of weeks to provide an update.

Who should King Country Energy customers contact with any account queries?

For the time being King Country Energy customers should continue to contact King Country Energy customer services on 0800 523 637 with any questions about their account. Once the switch is complete then all enquiries will be handled by Trustpower’s customer services team. We’ll let customers know when their switch is complete.

Community support

Trustpower are proud to be involved with the communities we operate in all around New Zealand, and are now excited to be part of the King Country community too. As part of this change, we have taken over the responsibility for King Country Energy’s community initiatives. We look forward to getting to know the community better through some of these initiatives.

What happens to the generation schemes?

King Country Energy will continue to own and operate the power stations and will continue to be jointly owned by Trustpower and the King Country Electric Power Trust.

What can you tell me about Trustpower?

Like King Country Energy, Trustpower is a regional power company, which started life nearly 100 years ago as the Tauranga Electric Power Board. Trustpower’s head office is still based in Tauranga and we have customers spread throughout the country from Kaitaia to Invercargill. Trustpower is dedicated to providing New Zealand based customer service.

In addition to offering power and gas services to our customers, Trustpower also offers broadband and phone services. Once King Country Energy switches to Trustpower are complete we’ll be in touch with more information about our great offer.

More about Trustpower...

We believe in giving you better value and better service.


Trustpower offer great value on power, broadband, phone and gas – it’s that simple.


We’re 98% Kiwi owned, with over 280,000 customers throughout New Zealand, and 87,000 households that use our phone and broadband services.


If you need to talk to us, it’s easy because our customer service team is entirely New Zealand based, operating from Tauranga and Oamaru.

Sustainable power generation.


Trustpower is committed to sustainable power generation through renewable resources.


We have 38 hydro stations throughout New Zealand, which makes Trustpower one of New Zealand’s leading renewable energy providers.