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Retrieving Data

Share and bond price statistics

Information from www.nzx.com give price, volume, movement, market cap, 52 week data and graphs versus indices. 

TPW Trustpower Limited Ordinary Shares 

TPW140 15/12/21 5.63% - Senior Bond

TPW150 15/12/22 4.01% - Senior Bond

TPW160 15/09/19 6.75% - Subordinated Bond

TPW170 22/02/19 3.97% - Senior Bond

If you hold Trustpower shares, you can check your shareholding online through NZX Balance Enquiry. You will need your CSN number. Enter TPW in the drop down box to complete the enquiry.

Existing senior bonds

We currently have on issue three series of unsecured, unsubordinated fixed rate bonds. Each bond has a face value of $1. These bonds rank equally with other bank debt and ahead of our subordinated bonds.  

Maturity Interest rate (%) Face value ($000's)
December 2021  5.63  $83,046
December 2022  4.01  $127,734
February 2029  3.97 (resets February 2024)  $100,000
   Total  $310,780

Existing subordinated bonds

We have on issue one series of unsecured, subordinated bonds. Each bond has a face value of $1.

Maturity Interest rate (%) Face value ($000's)
September 2019 6.75 $114,163
  Total $114,163

Other information for bond holders of our existing bonds

  • Bonds are traded on the NZX Debt Market (NZDX) 
  • Bond market value is affected by a range of factors, notably interest rates
  • Interest rate is fixed and not affected by market value
  • Interest in respect of the TPW140 bonds and the TPW150 bonds is paid 15 June, 15 September, 15 December, 15 March
  • Interest in respect of the TPW170 bonds is paid 22 February, 22 May, 22 August and 22 November
  • Where appropriate, withholding tax is deducted from payments to bond holders

Information in respect of our offer or unsecured unsubordinated fixed rate bonds maturing on 29 July 2026

Trustpower announced on 1 July 2019 that it is offering up to NZ$100,000,000 (with the ability to accept oversubscriptions of up to NZ$25,000,000 at Trustpower’s discretion) of unsecured, unsubordinated fixed rate bonds (New Bonds) to New Zealand institutional and retail investors (Offer).

The Offer consists of:

  • a firm offer of up to NZ$50,000,000, which will be reserved for New Zealand clients of the Joint Lead Managers, approved financial intermediaries and other primary market participants invited to participate in the bookbuild process (Firm Offer); and
  • an investor offer of up to NZ$50,000,000, which will be reserved for existing New Zealand bondholders and shareholders of Trustpower (Investor Offer).

Under the Investor Offer, Trustpower has reserved:

  • NZ$30,000,000 of Bonds for New Zealand holders of Trustpower’s existing subordinated bonds (which are quoted on the NZX Debt Market under the ticker code TPW160 (TPW160 Bonds)) who wish to apply to exchange all or some of their TPW160 Bonds for the Bonds (on a one-for-one basis) (an Exchange). Trustpower will also make a cash payment to each investor who is issued Bonds under the Exchange (see "Reinvestment opportunity for TPW160 Holders" in the below Terms Sheet for how this cash payment is calculated); and
  • NZ$20,000,000 of Bonds for all Trustpower shareholders and bondholders in New Zealand (including New Zealand holders of the TPW160 Bonds).

An application for Exchange can also be made in respect of firm allocations received under the Firm Offer. Oversubscriptions can be accepted under the Firm Offer and/or the Investor Offer.

A copy of the Terms Sheet for the Offer can be found here.

A copy of the Investor Presentation for the Offer can be found here.

If an existing Trustpower investor does not have details of the Offer and wishes to apply for Bonds they should contact Computershare Investor Services Limited on (09) 488 8777 or by email at trustpower@computershare.co.nz.

Trust documentation

The Master Trust Deed details the rules governing bond issues, the rights and obligations of Trustpower and bondholders

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