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Trustpower's Constitution and Corporate Governance Statement

Trustpower is committed to sound corporate governance that will ensure the company operates as effectively as possible and with accountability and transparency. The Board of Directors are elected by the shareholders and are responsible to shareholders for the performance of Trustpower and subsidiaries. The Board draws on relevant corporate governance with best practice principles to assist and contribute to this performance.

Trustpower transitioned to the new NZX Listing Rules on 21 May 2019.  To comply with the new NZX Listing Rules, Trustpower amended its constitution at its 26 July 2019 Annual Meeting.

Please click here to view Trustpower's Constitution.

The new NZX Listing Rules may be viewed on the NZX website: www.nzx.com

Please click here to view Trustpower's Corporate Governance Statement.

Board of Directors Charter

This Charter defines the roles of the Board and Chair in providing governance for the company.

Please click here to view Trustpower's Board of Directors Charter.

People and Remuneration Committee Charter

The People and Remuneration Committee assists the Company to establish coherent people and remuneration strategies, policies and practices. This Charter details how the committee is structured and its guiding responsibilities, policies and procedures.

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Please click here to view Trustpower's Directors' Fees Policy. 

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Chair: David Gibson
Members: Paul Ridley-Smith, Joanna Breare

Audit and Risk Committee Charter

The Audit and Risk Committee’s role is to oversee and assist the Board in the conduct of its responsibilities of ensuring accurate financial reporting and responsible risk management. This charter defines the Committee’s authority, objectives, policies and procedures.

Please click here to view Trustpower's Audit and Risk Committee Charter.

Chair: Kevin Baker
Members: Peter Coman, Sheridan Broadbent, Joanna Breare

Governance and Nominations Committee

The Governance and Nominations Committee’s role is to assist the Company with ensuring the Company has good corporate governance and that the Board has an appropriate balance of skills, experience, knowledge, judgement, and diversity.

Please click here to view Trustpower's Governance and Nominations Committee Charter.

Chair: David Gibson
Members: Peter Coman, Sheridan Broadbent

Trustpower’s Code of Ethics

We stand for the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethical conduct. Our Code of Ethics is intended to guide decisions so they are consistent with our values, business goals and obligations.

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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We are committed to eliminating barriers and providing a workplace environment that promotes diversity and inclusion. We endeavour to ensure our workplaces are free of discrimination and other unlawful behaviours. This document presents our full Policy.

Please click here to view Trustpower's Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Managing our NZX Listing Obligations

Trustpower is fully committed to meeting its obligations as a NZX listed company and has developed policies to ensure the market is fully informed and trading in Trustpower’s shares is not compromised by insider trading.

Please click here to view Trustpower's Continuous Disclosure Policy

Please click here to view Trustpower’s Financial Product Dealing (“Insider Trading”) Policy

Protected Disclosures (Whistleblowing) Policy

The Protected Disclosures Act 2000 came into force on 1 January 2001. The purpose of the Act is to facilitate the investigation and disclosure of serious wrongdoing and protect people who make an allegation of serious wrongdoing within Trustpower Limited and its subsidiaries.

 Please click here to view Trustpower's Protected Disclosures (Whistleblowing) Policy.