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Retrieving Data
Our Frequency – the kaleidoscope is a reflection of everyone's desire to demonstrate the complexity of Trustpower, while paying attention to both the past and the present. The opportunity our values represent is to provide a way to pay attention to what our personal values are, connect them to Trustpowers values, and create ways for us all to be congruent with what we say, what we do and what we stand for. Everyone has an opportunity to show and share what matters to them at Trustpower. Everyone picks up the same kaleidoscope, but sees things slightly differently, and through a different lens

Our Values

The world is facing an uncertain future, and the way Trustpower moves into the future will require adaptability and speed to make sure we are positioned well to continue to succeed. While strategic focuses or business opportunities may change, the thing that is always a constant is driving decisions from our values, calling upon our embedded values to make the changes we need and holding on to our values to come out the other side still us.

Trustpower Values

 Trustpower values and kaleidoscope