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About 40 people attended the open day, held at the Dundonnell hall on Wednesday, March 26, from 12pm to 7pm.

Trustpower Wind Generation Development Manager Rontheo van Zyl said the company had a range of consultants who have been involved with pre-development studies on hand to answer specific questions about the proposal.

“We knew there would be public interest in the proposed Dundonnell Wind Farm and we wanted to make sure people in the community had access to full and accurate information,” Mr van Zyl said.

“The Trustpower team was complemented by a group of consultants who have been heavily involved in our pre-development studies, including flora and fauna experts, consultants responsible for the development of our transport management plan and acoustic technicians.

“Our feedback indicates the public who attended found having a range of experts on hand to talk to very beneficial and informative.”

Trustpower is planning to concurrently submit the EES to the State Planning Department and the planning application to the Moyne Shire Council in May this year.

Mr van Zyl said there were several queries surrounding the Brolga and any impact of the proposed development.

“The Brolga assessment is one of the more critical elements of the EES work Trustpower has undertaken. We are confident the work we have undertaken follows the requirements set out in the Victorian Brolga Guidelines.

“A comprehensive Brolga assessment has been undertaken since 2009 and is still ongoing. Surveys have included desktop assessments, wetland quality assessments, on-ground and aerial breeding surveys as well as flocking surveys at the wind farm site and within a 10-kilometre radius, together with the transmission line corridor.”

The proposed Dundonnell Wind Farm would create about 200 direct jobs during the two to three year construction period and seven to 10 ongoing permanent jobs during its 25-year operation. It will also inject millions of dollars into the local economy throughout the lifetime of the project.

The community open day has been in addition to a previous public meeting, newsletters and several one-on-one meetings with interested parties.

If approved the Dundonnell Wind Farm will include up to 104 turbines.


Tanya Waterson

Dundonnell Wind Farm Community Engagement & Media Relations


0437 658 007