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The milestone will involve an early start for contractors, who from 4.30am will be pouring 220 cubic metres of concrete, from 36 trucks, into foundations that incorporate 23 tonne of reinforcing steel.

In the event of inclement weather preventing the pour taking place on Monday, it will be re-scheduled for Tuesday 7th.

A further milestone is scheduled to occur two weeks later, on the 20th October, when a further 500 cubic metres of concrete, involving 83 truck-loads, will be poured into foundations that incorporate 55 tonne of reinforcing steel. Again, this could be delayed 24 hours if the weather is unsuitable.

Drew Beekie from CBC Construction, who are constructing the building, says from that point the building itself will start to grow towards its planned three levels of office accommodation and a large basement.

"This is a really great project, with its fair share of challenges, but Trustpower are proving great to deal with. The project is on time, and CBC is looking forward to seeing Tauranga's latest large office building coming out of the ground over the next few months."

Trustpower's Community Relations Manager, Graeme Purches, say CBC and the team have been a pleasure to deal with, and it is exciting that things are on track for all of Trustpower's Tauranga-based staff to be in the new facility by February 2016. He says detailed planning of the interior and fit-out is progressing in tandem with staff consultation, to ensure Trustpower and its staff will be able to gain maximum efficiency and a much improved working environment from the relocation into one building, rather than the current six buildings and five portacoms they work out of now.

"Trustpower has grown immensely over the past 15 years. Working out of a facility designed to house an integrated line, retail and generation business managing 80,000 customers, three line networks and a handful of small hydro schemes in the wider Bay of Plenty region has become pretty challenging. We are now selling gas and telecommunications, as well as electricity, to more than 230,000 customers all over New Zealand, with 37 hydro generators, a peaking plant and two New Zealand wind farms. In addition, Trustpower now owns and operates the largest wind-farm in South Australia, as well as two smaller wind farms and three hydro schemes elsewhere in Australia, with plans for significant future growth on both sides of the Tasman."

Mr Purches added that Trustpower is currently working from a site where there is no public transport, and the company's move to a purpose-built facility in the CBD will deliver significant benefits to the business, staff, customers, contractors and the CBD itself, thanks to the additional business 400 people extra will generate for CBD retailers and service providers.