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Since the Trustpower Far North Community Awards began in 2009 more than $33000 has been given away to deserving voluntary groups and organisations, and this year more than $5000 is up for grabs.
Jess Somerville, Trustpower Community Relations Representative

Run in partnership with the Far North District Council and set up as an opportunity to recognise and thank local voluntary groups for their contributions to the community, anyone can enter a voluntary group or organisation in the Trustpower Far North Community Awards, including voluntary groups themselves.

Last year 63 groups were entered for the Trustpower Far North Community Awards. Trustpower Community Relations Representative Jess Somerville is looking forward to seeing the community get on board to recognise more of these local unsung heroes.

“Voluntary groups are a formidable force of good in the Far North community and everyday members benefit from their hard work.

The Far North District is very wide spread and represents a unique environment. Volunteers are often required to step up to support the urban and many rural communities’ within. One of the best ways to demonstrate the importance of volunteering to the Far North community is to ensure volunteers' contributions are recognised, valued and accounted for.

Now you have the chance to say ‘thank you’ to these volunteers who work hard to improve the community – just by filling out an entry form. It takes just a few minutes of your time to enter a group but it will make a real difference to the volunteers you are recognising,” says Miss Somerville.

Locals have until 5pm on Friday 5 June to get entries in for this year’s Trustpower Far North Community Awards. Entry Forms are available from Council offices or service centres or can be completed online at www.Trustpower.co.nz/communityawards.  Entry Forms can also be received by calling Jess Somerville on 0800 87 11 11.