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Samantha’s donation will be used to purchase maths games for the students of the Junior School.
Mandy Bird, Principal of Murupara Area School

Samantha Duff from Murupara Area School was announced as winner of the Award, which recognises secondary school students’ service to the school and the community. The Award is jointly run by TrustPower and the Whakatane Council and is part of the TrustPower Whakatane Community Awards which were presented on Tuesday 27th August. 

For winning the Award, Samantha received a framed certificate, a trophy and $250, with an additional $250 being donated to an organisation of Samantha’s choice. She chose the Junior School of the Murupara Area School. 

Mandy Bird, principal of Murupara Area School says Samantha’s donation will be used to purchase maths games for the students of the Junior School. 

“I am extremely proud of Samantha's achievements. As a past pupil of Murupara Primary School and Rangitahi College she is now at Murupara Area School leading the way as a Year 13 student. Her personal attributes and disposition make her a positive senior role model for all students at our school. 

Samantha leads by example and helps students and teachers in the Junior School, so it is only fitting to use Samantha’s donation towards something that she is so passionate about,” says Mandy Bird. 

TrustPower Community Relations Coordinator Suzi Luff says the TrustPower Youth Community Spirit Award is a wonderful opportunity to publicly acknowledge the work young people do to enrich their community. 

“Often young people receive a lot of negative attention and we forget the tremendous input that they provide to the fabric of our community. Samantha is a great example of a student doing just that,” says Suzi. 

“This impressive young lady has been instrumental in setting a positive tone amongst the senior student body and bridging the gap between the junior and senior parts of this school. 

Samantha has been appointed as one of the first Kai Arahi prefects, she’s part of the student council and she is also a house captain. She coaches a Year 5 and 6 netball team and assists with the Year 7 team. 

As part of a ‘High Impact Project’ called Tiaki Kura, Samantha works with a small group of students between Year 1 and 6 who are struggling with their class work. And it’s this role that she takes up every Friday which sees her make an inspiring difference. 

Samantha is also well known in the community for her support of netball and local marae. With someone like Samantha leading by example, the youth of Murupara have a great role model to look up to and the community benefits in so many ways. Well done Samantha!” says Suzi. 

For more information or photos of Samantha receiving her award please contact:


Suzi Luff

Community Relations Coordinator


(07) 572 8381 or 021 220 8894