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I would like to thank the volunteers who are the key to this high level of participation.
Invercargill City Mayor Tim Shadbolt

The Awards were announced and presented tonight at a function at the Civic Theatre on Minday 9 September. 

For winning the Supreme Award, Cycling Southland received a framed certificate, a trophy and $1,500 prize money. Cycling Southland now has the opportunity to represent the district at the 2013 TrustPower National Community Awards, which are being held in Invercargill and Southland region in March 2014. 

In total, TrustPower has given away over $5,000 to various community groups through tonight’s Awards. 

Invercargill City Mayor Tim Shadbolt says Cycling Southland has had a major impact in our region. They have introduced our children and young people to the enjoyment of cycling and also the thrill of watching cycling events. These have taken place in the Velodrome or as with the tour of Southland, throughout many of our small communities. 

“I would like to thank the volunteers who are the key to this high level of participation,” says Mayor Shadbolt. 

TrustPower Community Relations Representative Jess Somerville says with more than 800 riders and a network of more than 250 volunteers Cycling Southland have carved a very successful local, national and international profile. 

“Over the last 12 months this group have coordinated, overseen, managed and delivered 24 notable regional, national and international cycling events at both the world class Velodrome and on the road. The biggest of these events was the 2012 Junior Worlds Track Championships, which saw 154 riders from 24 countries compete in front of a near sell-out crowd. 

“This journey of securing, fundraising and hosting the Junior Worlds Track Championships began in 2006 and volunteers organised everything from event sponsorship and merchandising to immigration and team entries to equipment and staffing. They also covered the finer details such as medical resources and doping control to venue preparation and set up. 

“Thanks to the volunteers who turn up week after week to assist with club racing or coaching on the velodrome or stand on a wind-swept corner with high-vis vest and flag in hand, Cycling southland is in a position to put up their hands for events like this or the myriad of other events including the Tour of Southland. A huge congratulations to this team for providing such a nurturing and supportive environment to so many cyclists in the southland region and we can’t wait for you to share their journey at the 2013 TrustPower National Community Awards,” says Miss Somerville. 

The competition for this year’s TrustPower Invercargill Southland Community Awards was strong with forty-nine groups entered for the Awards. 

Other winners at the 2013 TrustPower Invercargill Southland Community Awards were: 

Heritage and Environment
Commendation: Glengarry Action Group
Runner-Up: Southland Fire Service Museum Society
Winner: Bluff Hill/ Motupōhue Environment Trust 

Health and Well Being
Commendation: Bellyful Invercargill
Commendation: Nightcaps Medical Trust
Runner-Up: St John Invercargill
Winner: Bluff Coastguard 

Arts and Culture
Joint Runner-Up: Invercargill Rock n Roll
Joint Runner-Up: Southland Competitions Society
Winner: Southern Districts Art Trust 

Sport and Leisure
Runner- up: Foveaux Pearls Leisure marching Team
Winner: Ryal Bush Community Centre Committee 

Education and Child/Youth Development
Runner-Up: Te Ara O Kiwa Sea Scouts
Winner: Riverton Rugby Club 

Supreme Winner
Cycling Southland 

Youth Spirit
Winner: Lydia Ward
Runner-Up: Holly Kemper
Finalist: Gavin Reid
Finalist: Kelsi Lawson
Finalist: Samuel Grant
Finalist: Benjamin Simpson