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MahMah is a caring, generous and motivated young lady with an infectious enthusiasm for life and its many opportunities.
Jess Somerville, Trustpower Community Relations Representative

The Award will be presented at the TrustPower Westland Community Awards held on Monday 12 August at the Beachfront Hotel. 

Run in conjunction with the TrustPower Westland Community Awards, the TrustPower Youth Community Award recognises secondary school students’ service to the school and the community. The Award is jointly run by TrustPower and the Westland District Council. 

Local high schools were asked to recommend one student to be considered for the Award. The runner-up for this Award is Ryan Bloomfield from Westland High School. 

To be considered for the TrustPower Youth Community Spirit Award students had to have given service to school or community projects, treated others with care and respect and been a good ambassador for the school and the Westland region. 

TrustPower Community Relations Representative Jess Somerville says MahMah is a caring, generous and motivated young lady with an infectious enthusiasm for life and its many opportunities. 

“MahMah plays an important role at her school, not only as head girl and the student representative for the Board of Trustees, but she is instrumental in getting a variety of activities and sporting events off the ground and running. Some of these include the ‘Healthy All you Can Eat’ competition and the many school movie nights which also help raise funds for different school projects. MahMah also volunteers at the school canteen and on her school bus as a monitor.

“Out in the community this impressive young lady regularly volunteers for community groups by manning sausage sizzles and cake stalls and she coaches and umpires basketball too! 

“MahMah is very positive role model who faces challenges with determination and it is a pleasure to highlight some of her achievements through this Award,” says Miss Somerville. 

For winning the Award MahMah will receive a trophy, framed certificate and $500 prize money, with $250 being given to a community group or organisation of her choice.