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Abigail is a talented young lady who is forever putting her hand up to serve her school and community.
Suzi Luff, TrustPower Community Relations Coordinator

Abigail Foster from Springbank School was named as winner of the Award, which recognises secondary school students’ service to the school and the community. The Award is jointly run by TrustPower and the Far North District Council and is part of the TrustPower Far North Community Awards which were presented on Monday 8 July. 

For winning the Award Abigail received a framed certificate and $250, with an additional $250 being donated to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. 

“Abigail obviously has tremendous energy and a passion for helping others,” said Van Henderson, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

“It’s wonderful to see those qualities in a young person, and we’re very grateful to be nominated as her charity of choice.” 

TrustPower Community Relations Coordinator Suzi Luff says the TrustPower Youth Community Spirit Award is a wonderful opportunity to publicly acknowledge the work young people do to enrich their community. 

“Often young people receive a lot of negative attention and we forget the tremendous input that they provide to the fabric of our community. Abigail is a great example of a student doing just that,” says Suzi. 

To be considered for the TrustPower Youth Community Spirit Award students had to have given service to school or community projects, treated others with care and respect and been a good ambassador for the school and the Far North region. 

Suzi says Abigail is a talented young lady who is forever putting her hand up to serve her school and community. 

“Abigail is her school’s head girl, as well as being the Director of Springbank’s Student Leader Programme. Abigail loves to manage and run charity events within her school, the most recent being for Shave for a Cure which raised $9,000. 

She’s helped to organise her school’s last two balls, she was the CEO of the student group that created the public walkway known as Charlie’ Rock Walkway, and she’s a house captain. 

In the sporting arena, Abigail has coached and managed netball teams. She umpires too and she is now mentoring young students who are aiming to coach netball in the future. 

She uses her ICT skills to create and maintain a number of local websites free of charge. And even her part time job benefits the community – she teaches young children to swim,” says Suzi. 

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