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Rhys is known for being caring, committed and resourceful along with demonstrating the positive values of reliability and responsibility.
Suzi Luff, Trustpower Community Relations Coordinator

Rhys Egan from Wairoa College was announced as winner of the Award, which recognises secondary school students’ service to the school and the community. The Award is jointly run by Trustpower and the Wairoa District Council and is part of the Trustpower Wairoa Community Awards which were presented (tonight) on Thursday 7th November. 

For winning the Award, Rhys received a framed certificate, a trophy and $250, with an additional $250 being donated to an organisation of Rhys’s choice. He chose St John Wairoa. 

Roger Gordon, station manager for St John Wairoa, says Rhys’s donation will go towards further set-up in the station, like purchasing a fridge to keep food fresh for local ambulance volunteers as well as towards training for new volunteers. 

“We are very thankful for Rhys’s donation. We aren’t funded so are forever fundraising. But to have a young person think of us and make a donation is truly fantastic,” says Mr Gordon. 

Trustpower Community Relations Coordinator Suzi Luff says the Trustpower Youth Community Spirit Award is a wonderful opportunity to publicly acknowledge the work young people do to enrich their community. 

“Often young people receive a lot of negative attention and we forget the tremendous input that they provide to the fabric of our community. Rhys is a great example of a student doing just that,” says Suzi. 

“Within his school, Rhys is a prefect, and he’s been part of the student council for the past three years. He’s now the chairperson and treasurer. He has organised a number of fundraising mufti days for non-profit organisations and he was part of the team that organised the Year 9-11 formal, with money raised going to the Red Cross. 

Rhys is a budding and talented photographer and through this interest he is giving back to his community, through running a number of photo booths at different school galas where the proceeds went back to the school. In a similar vein, he has run photography workshops with his sister, for school students and adults too. And we can’t forget that he’s part of his school’s publicity team as the school photographer. 

We’re told that Rhys is well-respected student, who participates fully in the life of his school, across academic, cultural and sporting areas. He’s proactive and uses this attribute to lead by example. 

Out in the community, Rhys is currently the chairperson of YROA YNOT Youth Voice and in this role, he connects many young people in Wairoa both inside and outside of the school. Again leading by example, Rhys was involved in the Breathalize Expo, the Whanau Wai Takaro day, and the Spawnbreezie concert, helping to organise and run these events. And to ensure that there continues to be a steady succession of enthusiastic young people coming through, Rhys, through YROA YNOT, helped to organise and facilitate a workshop for prefects at his school on how to run an event. 

Rhys is known for being caring, committed and resourceful along with demonstrating the positive values of reliability and responsibility. This has seen Rhys thrive and make a real difference in his school and community,” says Suzi.

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Suzi Luff

Community Relations Coordinator


(07) 572 8381 or 021 220 8894