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Casey Giddens is the sort of young lady who just gives and gives and gives.
Teresa Partridge, TrustPower Community Relations representative

The Awards were presented at the TrustPower Buller Community Awards held on Tuesday 23 October at Club Buller. 

Run in conjunction with the TrustPower Buller Community Awards, the TrustPower Youth Community Spirit Award recognises secondary school students’ service to the school and the community. The Award is jointly run by TrustPower and the Buller District Council. 

To be considered for the TrustPower Youth Community Spirit Award students had to have contributed widely to their school and community while developing good relationships and showing respect and care for others. 

TrustPower Community Relations representative Teresa Partridge says the judges found it very difficult to separate these two girls put forward by their schools, so for the first time ever, they felt they had to recognise both students. 

“Reagan McKenzie is an all-rounder who loves to serve her community. She has a number of leadership roles within her school. The reason why Reagan is winning this Mayoralty Outstanding Project Award is for her mature response following the Pike River tragedy. 

Reagan independently organised and secured sponsorship to run a golf tournament to raise funds for the families who had been affected by the tragedy. She contacted businesses from all over New Zealand and received sponsorship for 42 businesses and individuals and raised over $9,000. Reagan says she was motivated to do this because Reefton is a big mining community and her father is a coal miner, so wanted to do something to try and make life a little easier for these families.” 

Teresa says that Casey Giddens is the sort of young lady who just gives and gives and gives. 

“To begin with she has been an active peer support leader; available to year nine students throughout the year and is a house leader. 

Casey contributes well to the cultural side of the school and has been in all school productions. This year Casey was the lead performer in the school’s production, which required huge dedication and a lot of her time. 

In the community Casey is an active member of the Cancer society and got involved with Canteen while supporting her sister with her illness. She has been great at giving support to other people who are supporting cancer patients. Last year she participated in a head shaving event – she was the only girl. This takes a lot of courage, especially at this age. 

Casey is also an active member of the local Buller Country & Western Club and the Westport Swimming Club where she gives up her time freely to coach junior swimmers. In the last two years Casey has been nominated by her peers as their representative on the swimming committee. 

For winning the Award both girls received a framed certificate and $500 prize money, with $250 going to them personally and $250 being given to a community group or organisation of their choice. The Mayoralty Outstanding Project Award was funded by the Buller District Council. 

The TrustPower Youth Community Spirit Award will be presented at the TrustPower Buller Community Awards, being held tonight, Tuesday 23 October, when Casey and Reagan will announce which community group will receive their $250 donation. 

For more information or to arrange an interview with Casey or Reagan please contact:


Teresa Partridge

Community Relations Representative


(07) 572 9349