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By talking to the children about the effects littering has on the environment and the value of recycling, they believe they can change attitudes for future generations.
Teresa Partridge, TrustPower Community Relations Representative

The Awards were announced and presented at a function at the Rotorua District Council Chambers. 

For winning the Supreme Award, Keep Rotorua Beautiful received a framed certificate, a trophy and $1,500 prize money. Keep Rotorua Beautiful now has the opportunity to represent the district at the 2012 TrustPower National Community Awards, which are being held in the Far North District in March 2013. 

In total, TrustPower has given away over $5,000 to various community groups through tonight’s Awards. 

TrustPower Community Relations Representative Teresa Partridge says Keep Rotorua Beautiful has a wonderful story of how they involve many from the community to take responsibility and keep the Rotorua region spick and span!

The biggest project involving volunteers is the annual Clean up New Zealand week project. Last year there were over 3,000 adults and children out and about for the whole week – this is the largest number they have ever seen involved. Streams were cleaned up, football fields and parks were litter free and people took ownership of their streets to ensure they were looking beautiful. 

Each year more and more groups approach Keep Rotorua Beautiful which goes to show their reputation is highly valued in the community. 

The main focus of this committee is on litter, they run an annual speech contest as a tool to promote this. The anti-litter programme is one of the most important projects they offer. The coordinator spends time in the classroom with students, followed by a clean-up in a local park. By talking to the children about the effects littering has on the environment and the value of recycling, they believe they can change attitudes for future generations. 

An exciting project this group has worked on this year is the painting of 20 large rubbish bins with the help of Western Height High School Art Department. 

By giving ownership to the community, this committee is changing behaviours and meeting all their objectives,” says Mrs Partridge. 

Forty six entries were received for this year’s TrustPower Spirit of Rotorua Awards. 

Other winners at tonight’s TrustPower Spirit of Rotorua Awards were: 

Heritage and Environment
Winner: Keep Rotorua Beautiful
Runner-Up: Rotoiti Volunteer Fire Force 

Health and Well Being
Winner: Moving on Stroke Community
Runner-Up: Diabetes Youth NZ Rotorua
Commendation: Rotorua Hospital Chaplaincy Trust Ltd
Commendation: Rotorua U3A Coffin Club 

Arts and Culture
Winner: Rotorua Multicultural Society
Runner-Up: NZ Aria Trust 

Sport and Leisure
Winner: Rotorua Riding for the Disabled
Runner- up: Coastguard Rotorua Lakes 

Education and Child/Youth Development
Winner: Friends of Rotorua Library
Runner-Up: Rotorua Blue Light Ventures
Commendation: Youth Lions Club of Reporoa 

For more information or for photos of the winners please contact:


Teresa Partridge

Community Relations Representative


(07) 572 9349