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Supporting the 2018 school curriculum, this one hour long show teaches key values and essential life skills that will build character in your students.
Students will learn how to build caring school communities and the many things they can do to make a positive contribution at their school.

This year's theme is it's Time For A High Five!
The High Five being five great values that help students be part of the solution to bullying. 


There is a clear message aimed at creating good attitudes and a bully free environment.
This show compliments the messages of positive behaviour that schools are already giving to their students.

Resources included for schools

  • Amazing display for each classroom
  • Worksheets for different levels
  • Pack of certificates which can be used in assemblies or classrooms to reward students for caring behaviour

For more information check out the brochure here.

To book a show at your school click here.

What others have to say about the show

“Our entire school saw Elgregoe’s outstanding presentation. He delivered a powerful message all students need to hear on how we should treat others. I’m giving this show a 10 out of 10.”
Richard Patton, Chisnallwood Intermediate, Christchurch

“This is the show to have at your school to promote anti-bullying and key values students need to be great individuals. Another voice and method to support the messages we teach at our school.”
Wayne Whitaker - Papamoa Primary - Tauranga

“Thanks for a great show! Fantastic, engaging and entertaining. With excellent content and a clear message for our students.”
Vanessa Elliott – Mellons Bay School – Auckland

“An absolutely fantastic show - we have Elgregoe annually and the students have been counting down the days till he arrives. Excellent material and messages that keep the students fully focused throughout.”
Marianne Wilson, Fairhaven School – Te Puke

“So suited for all our aged Tamariki. Elgregoe is a regular performer at our school bringing an exciting show with a such a powerful message.”
Genevieve Rae, Redwood Primary, Christchurch

“WOW, what a brilliant show that teaches positive behaviour and actions students can take to stop bullying. Humorous, engaging and memorable.”
Geoff Simes - Durie Hill School, Wanganui