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The two best poster or poems will each win a $100 Mega Magic Box, a prize pack from Trustpower plus a $1,000 cash prize for your school! There are also 30 runner-up $100 Mega Magic Boxes to be won.

Teachers, you can download the competition poster for your classroom here.

Check out some outstanding poems entered in previous years below for inspiration!

A School Hero
By Chester

A school hero under attack came up with a plan, 
To find another hero, a school friend from Japan.
The two big heroes were little no more.
They set out to recruit another four.
We are all different, that’s what makes us great.
We all agreed on one thing there was no room for hate.
We need to be resilient, to be strong and walk tall,
To hold our heads high even if we take a fall.
Join us and be that hero today,
By saying some kind words and letting others play,
Maybe it’s time to send a text on your phone,
Hey let’s make this school our BULLY FREE ZONE!


Thinking of others
By Jess Clarke

Choose right not wrong,
Be kind not mean,
Know that you belong,
And work as a team.
Smile and have your head held high,
Support others,
Help them reach for the sky.
If you want respect that never ends,
Just remember this my friends.
Think before you say or do,
Would you like it if it were you? 


It Doesn't Matter
By Olivia

It doesn’t matter how you dress
or the colour of your skin
It’s all about what comes from within.
Who knew bullying could hurt so much?
Even if someone says a word,
it can hurt like a punch
It’s better to make someone laugh
than it is to make them cry
It doesn’t matter if they are
quirky, different or shy
No one likes a bully anyway
Most people wish they would just go away!
So don’t be nasty, hateful or mean
Be a friend who is easy to be seen


Stand Up!
By Libby Turner

Bullies can be everywhere
And they are not willing to share any kindness, love or a helping hand.
They can make you feel like you’re stuck in quicksand,
Where there’s no way out with feelings that make you want to shout.
They tease you, hurt you and call you names, until there is only one question that remains.
Are we really going to let them do this to us?
Ruin our day and cause such a big fuss.
To make us feel weak and dumb, then say they are doing it just for fun.
But now it is time to stand up to these guys who are giving us all hard times.
It’s time to say stop to the bullies in your life that are causing you pain and so much strife.
So stand up to that bully, let them hear, hey stop being mean-it isn’t fair.
Don’t be scared to tell them how you feel, to ask them to understand and end this ordeal.


Kia Kaha My Friend
By Mia Davies

A bully can pick
A bully can kick
You’ll go to school
They’ll say you’re uncool.
They won’t respect
You won’t forget
They don’t want to stop
‘Til they reach the top
But if there is one thing I can say to you, that is
Kia kaha my friend, stay strong
Remember, you are not the one who is wrong
If they push you down
Then get back up, walk tall
Don’t react, just turn away
For bullies out there, I say:
“Think twice before you act!
If it was you, how would you feel?
And how would you react?”


By Stella Lang

We are all different
Even identical twins
Not everybody loses
Not everybody wins
Everyone’s unique
In a special little way
But we are all human
And have emotions everyday
We are strong and weak
We are plump and skinny
We are tall, medium and mini
We are dark and light
We are wrong and right
But at the end of the day
We are people who walk
We are people who talk
We are unique in our special little way


Cyber Bullying
By Tumua Crichton

A keyboard warrior that is what you are
All the words you say don’t get you very far.
Bad messages and statuses is all you write about me.
Why won’t you bullies just let me be.
You go on Facebook just to tell lies.
You come to school in your fake disguise.
Your jokes and put downs are not that cool.
Everyday at school you act like a fool.
You threaten people through your phone.
Do you do this when you’re at home?
All the times that you have called me names.
Maybe that mouth of yours can’t be tamed.
That is enough I’ve had it with you.
You have no idea what you have put me through.
That is it I’m not taking anymore.
I’m going to speak to someone that’s for sure.


By Alex

If you are on your computer
writing about others.
Think of this saying
so said by my mother;

If you can’t say anything good,
don’t say anything at all

Whether it is on the computer
by text or phone call
Next time you click to say you like,
make sure it is something good,
something helpful and right.

It takes COURAGE to stand up
for what’s good and what’s true
and it ends up making a far better you.