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The Trustpower Community Awards started in 1994, when Trustpower and the Western Bay of Plenty District Council joined forces to make a little fuss over the people who were making a big difference to their community.

This year, we’ll be partnering with 25 District and City Councils to celebrate their volunteers at 12 functions from the Far North, right down to Invercargill. Any group with a voluntary component is eligible for a Trustpower Community Award. And anyone can enter a group – even the group themselves. No group is too small or too big, too old or too new to be recognised. You can find more information on eligibility, entry process, judging criteria and prizes below.

Entries for 2018 are closed. We are currently reviewing the Trustpower Community Award changes we made last year and will have more details available late April.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a Trustpower Community Award?

Any voluntary group or volunteer-based not-for-profit organisation working in the interests of their community can be entered in the Trustpower Community Awards. The Awards are based on activities undertaken in the previous 12 months. Entries that focus on future activities or the work of an individual volunteer will not be considered (For information on how to recognise the work of individual volunteers please contact your local Council).

What happens next?

If you’re a representative from the group you’re nominating, you’ll be asked to provide some more information about the group’s contribution to the community. If you’re not from the group you’re nominating, we’ll get in touch with them using the contact details that you’ve provided and ask them to tell us a bit more about the group. Groups are only eligible for judging once further information has been submitted. Representatives from the groups and the person who nominated them will be invited to attend the awards function.

What are the categories?

There are no set categories for the Trustpower Community Awards – any group servicing their community is eligible for an award. However groups may be awarded prizes for services to their community in the following areas:

Heritage & Environment               
Groups improving and revitalising the local environment, culture or heritage.

Health & Wellbeing
Groups providing services that enhance the health and social wellbeing of people.

Arts & Culture
Groups enhancing and increasing participation in arts and creative leisure activities, or improving community culture.

Sport & Leisure
Groups increasing participation and/or enjoyment in physical sport, leisure activities and recreational pursuits, or providing support to participants.

Education & Child/Youth Development
Groups improving and enhancing the education of the community, or the educational or social development of children
and youth.

What are the prizes?

Winners of Trustpower Community Awards will receive $1,000, and Regional Supreme Winners will receive $2,000, a trophy held for one year and an all-expenses-paid trip for two representatives to participate in the Trustpower National Community Awards.

What is the judging criteria?

A panel made up of representatives from the local Council and the community judge all entries based on the criteria below and put forward a shortlist of finalists for consideration. Trustpower then assembles an independent judging panel which allocates awards from the finalists provided, also based on the criteria below:

  • Volunteer input — volunteering involvement, commitment and passion.
  • Use of resources — cost effectiveness and service/project sustainability.
  • Initiative and creativity — innovation, capacity to overcome difficulties or face challenges.
  • Effectiveness of activities — success of service/project, achievement of objectives.
  • Impact — benefit of service/project on targeted audience and/ or community.

The decisions of the judges will be final.

Where are the awards presented?

Winners will be announced at the Trustpower Community Awards functions. If you’ve entered a group, or are part of a group who has been entered, you will be sent an invitation to attend at least a month before your local Trustpower Community Awards take place.