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Snowtown Stage 2

A Vision Realised

Trustpower’s vision for Snowtown Wind Farm is now almost fully realised, marking a crucial step in our Trans-Tasman growth and diversification.

Snowtown Wind Farm’s Stage 2 is due to be completed in September 2014, on-budget and ahead of schedule. When fully commissioned, the wind farm will be the largest in South Australia, and the second largest in Australia.

Work on Stage 2 has advanced steadily through the 2014 financial year, a reflection of Trustpower’s emphasis on positive teamwork, planning, and focus on results. Our relationships with the local stakeholders and community have continued to go from strength to strength.

In the wider picture, Snowtown Wind Farm has cemented Trustpower as a reliable and respected developer and producer of renewable electricity in the Australian energy market. The project has resulted in further diversification of our asset mix, from both a technical (hydro, wind, irrigation) and geographical (New Zealand and Australia) perspective.

When fully operational, Stages 1 and 2 will produce enough electricity for over 230,000 South Australian homes (installed capacity of 371MW). Individually, Stage 1 produces 368GWh per annum (post construction of Stage 2); Stage 2 will produce an additional 985GWh per annum.

Such scale represents an important contribution towards Australia’s clean energy commitment. The wind farm will offset 1,045,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum (Stage 1: 345,000 tonnes; Stage 2: 700,000 tonnes). That’s the equivalent of removing around 225,000 cars from the road.

The strong relationships we’ve shared with landowners and local community groups have been fundamental to the project’s success. Trustpower, Siemens Limited and local contractors have forged numerous links with the local community, both on and off the project site. Our ongoing Lend a Hand Foundation initiative is now also supported by Siemens. Local club and community sponsorships, native vegetation planting and cultural heritage initiatives, as well as coordination with the County Fire Service have all enabled us to gain a genuine understanding of the local community and how we can work alongside them.

That degree of mutual respect and connection is reflected in the fact that, for both stages, there were no objections from the local community to our development approval applications. This bond has resulted in the local community being strong advocates for both the Snowtown project and Trustpower’s other wind farm opportunities throughout the state.

The project has provided a major boost to the local and regional economy. To date, the equivalent of 160 full time employees have been working on Stage 2. Our estimated Stage 2 spend (over the 2 year construction period) within the South Australian economy is AU$85M, out of a AU$440M project budget. On completion, Stage 2Jim Pearson, Lead Project Manager Wind and Infrastructure will employ up to 15 people on an ongoing basis, in addition to the eight people now employed at Stage 1.

Looking ahead, we have a long term supply arrangement with Origin Energy for the power generated by Snowtown Wind Farm (Stage 1 and 2). We envisage the further strengthening of bonds with the local community, through respect, integrity and involvement. This project has been a powerful demonstration of how we are better together and is one we feel privileged to have been able to make happen.

Lead Project Manager Wind and Infrastructure

Conception to Completion: Snowtown Project Timeline

"The Snowtown project has been instrumental in bringing the community closer together and establishing a positive vision for Snowtown and the surrounding area. The Lend a Hand Foundation has empowered the community to deliver projects that are important at the grass roots level"
said the Chairman of the Snowtown Lions Lend a Hand Foundation Alan Large.

Trustpower Snowtown stage 2