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Leadership Development

Best Practice

Kevin Palmer and Paul Bacon were given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a programme that included the merger of Energy Direct NZ.

Trustpower is committed to a talent management and development programme that is best practice. The programme includes identifying key staff members and giving them opportunities to build their leadership skills as part of an overall development plan.

In 2013, Kevin Palmer and Paul Bacon were given the opportunity to attend the University of Waikato L3 post-graduate leadership development programme. As Trustpower’s Financial Controller, Kevin is responsible for managing our finance and treasury functions. Paul is our Technology Strategy and Services Manager, responsible for setting our technology direction, and for managing our technology portfolio.

The L3 programme enables experienced executives to grow their leadership skills, through a combination of academic study and the application of learnings in a practical environment. Focus areas are personal leadership, strategic leadership and the managing of organisational change.

A practical project ran the full length of the L3 programme — as their subject, Kevin and Paul selected the merger of Energy Direct NZ. Whanganui-based Energy Direct NZ is an electricity and gas retailer with approximately 20,000 customers: Trustpower acquired the business in May 2013.

(L) Paul Bacon, Technology Strategy and Service Manager (R) Kevin Palmer, Financial Controller

Taking ownership of the merger was a great chance for Kevin and Paul to apply leadership learnings from the L3, and to broaden their understanding of the retail business. The project went very well, achieving the objectives envisaged by the Trustpower executive.

Kevin and Paul found the experience invaluable, helping them to grow their capabilities and prepare for new challenges.

(L) PAUL BACON Technology Strategy and Service Manager
(R) KEVIN PALMER Financial Controller

As Paul said "The L3 programme has given me new insight into my leadership approach and a much broader understanding of the Trustpower business".

Kevin, "The programme and the Energy Direct merger were very challenging but I found it incredibly useful. I feel it has created the platform I need to take on new challenges and further develop my career."