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Health and Safety

Trustpower’s front line staff take the lead in driving our Health, Safety and Wellbeing programme.

The daily work of Trustpower’s Generation and Metering teams involves changing and challenging environments — key risks include vehicle accidents and dog attacks. So with safety in mind, since 2010, the two teams have embraced Trustpower’s Great Safety Performance (GSP) programme.

This crucial programme gives staff the opportunity to help determine what happens to support health, safety and wellbeing within their teams.

Each year, all staff in the teams complete a survey (Generation completed its fourth survey in May 2014; Metering completed its second survey in June 2013). The survey provides direct feedback about health, safety and wellbeing — as a company, as teams, and as individuals. It’s followed up with team workshops, resulting in a list of suggested improvements.

Through GSP, staff can present their thoughts directly to Trustpower’s Chief Executive, and know required improvements will happen. Since the programme was launched, there have been over 400 suggestions for improvements. Over half are now in place.

GSP has heightened awareness of safety across the Company, with renewed focus on the processes, support structures and general requirements to keep everyone — staff and contractors — safe. It’s particularly pleasing to note the level of dialogue at all levels of the organisation, particularly at the front line, where there are more significant risks.

GSP is not just about listing problems to fix. It identifies areas of opportunity for improvements, across four main areas: helping to ensure all individuals know what to do, are able to do it; are equipped to do it, and want to do it.

One key initiative in the Generation team was the introduction of the Occupational Health & Safety Incident Template, to report any incident. This has seen the level of reporting increase significantly. Dave Cronshaw, Health and Safety Manager

The Metering team has introduced emergency locator beacons for staff working in isolated locations. These enable individuals to indicate that they are okay; or need help; or need emergency care. The beacons are monitored by our Operations Centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As for vehicle accidents and dog attacks, field staff now do preventative training on 4WD driving, while Meter Readers do training on how to deal with dogs.

Health and Safety Manager

Through GSP, our Health, Safety and Wellbeing programme is increasingly being driven by the people in the front line: our staff are truly being empowered to be safe.

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