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Customer Experience

Even better together

Trustpower’s Customer Experience teams are working more closely than ever to deliver the service our customers expect.

Staff across Trustpower’s Customer Experience Business Unit (CEBU) share a belief that together, everyone is responsible for the end-to-end customer experience. Over the last year, they’ve focused on making sure that experience is better than ever.

Workshops were held, involving all North and South Island CEBU teams. Later, teams were involved in process mapping, to assess who does what, and what works best. Since then, a number of changes have been made to the ways CEBU teams work, including:

• Reviewing credit check criteria so that more services can be offered without increasing risk. As a result, 30% more customers are now offered telecommunications services at signup, a huge step forward in supporting our multi-product offering.

• Increasing flexibility so staff can help one another to help customers during peak times. CEBU teams answer over half a million calls every year, so anything that keeps customers satisfied is a good thing.

• Setting up staff help lines, to assist Customer Service Representatives in supporting customers. In six months, over 20,000 customers who in the past would have had to wait for follow-up support have instead received that support straight away.

• Working together as teams, to reduce the number of long day bills (bills for periods over 30 days).

• Launching an online decision tree to assist teams in troubleshooting and, if needed, booking faults with the right service provider. Getting to the root cause of faults takes time, so the decision tree is a big step forward in efficiency. Rachel Falconer, Customer Experience Team Leader

• Sending telecommunications fault information and other information via text, keeping thousands of customers informed.

All these changes help Trustpower’s Customer Experience teams to attract more new customers, reduce issues and delays, and retain our existing customers. It’s an exciting journey – and one that never ends.

Customer Experience Team Leader

"We're proud to be local, with our customer service centres in Tauranga and Oamaru. We're passionate about the customer experience"

Trustpower's new website - launching a better experience

Trustpower’s new web site – launching a better experience

Our SmartFriends project has seen the successful launch of Trustpower's new web site, www.trustpower.co.nz

It has been 10 years since Trustpower’s first web site went live. Now, thanks to our SmartFriends project, the site has been transformed.

As well as incorporating Trustpower’s new brand and multi-proposition offering (power, gas, phone and internet services), there are many improvements for visitors. For example:

• Home page banners change content depending on where each visitor is located, so offers are more appropriate to everyone’s needs.

• A plans and pricing page allows the visitor to enter their address. The page then shows the services, pricing, discounts and extras that are available to them.

• Clear information on Trustpower includes interactive maps and up-to-date information on our generation stations in New Zealand and Australia.

• The entire sign up process can now be completed online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For our current customers, perhaps the most significant improvements come in the account overview section, where they can log on and can check their details. For example, a customer can now do the following:

• Put multiple accounts on one login. This means that in one place, they can view their details for their home and bach, or their home and business, or even their home, bach and business.

• View their gas usage, power usage, and/or phone and internet usage, in a standard view or a detailed view. This caters both for customers who want to quickly look at their accounts, and for those who want a detailed view of their bill.

• Pay their account easily and quickly online via credit card or set up a direct debit.

• Top up their internet data usage quickly, with the top up immediately applied to their account.

• View an estimate of how many days of bottled gas they have remaining, and receive an alert when it’s time to order a refill.

As yet, it’s too early to provide comprehensive tracking for the new web site. However, it’s getting around 65,000 unique site visits per month, compared with around 50,000 on the old site, with those visits split fairly evenly between new and prospective customers.

There’s more exciting functionality to come, including the ability for customers to change their plans and organise their utilities when they move house.