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Better Together

Our new brand positions us for a period of rapid growth.

For almost a century, Trustpower was an electricity generator and retailer. So our strategic decision to reposition Trustpower as a multi-product utilities provider has been the catalyst for significant change.

The most visible change to date has been Trustpower’s new brand identity, launched in November 2013 — the modern identity was just one element of the process of rebranding.

Trustpower is moving into a period of high growth, with a significant increase in customer numbers forecast for the next three years. Our unique multi-product offering is a key to achieving our growth targets, so a new brand strategy that supports the multi-product positioning was required.

The new brand strategy provides the platform on which to build existing and new market segments, and retain existing customers. It will ensure we clearly differentiate Trustpower as the preferred multi-utility service provider in our target markets.

Our new brand positions, websiteOur new brand positions, website

The process started in 2012, with development of a brand strategy to encompass the future direction of the company as a multi-utility service provider.

We created a brand blueprint to define what we want our brand to say, do and be. The key characteristics that define the Trustpower brand were identified as Care and Integration. Care, about our customers and communities; and Integration, because we are the only New Zealand company that can supply a bundle of key household utilities including electricity, gas, phone and broadband. From these key characteristics the new strapline Better Together was developed, to express our core promise.

Trustpower - Better Together

Once the brand blueprint was developed, we needed to create a new look that expresses our brand strategy. The simple graphic device of colourful overlapping circles suggests energy, integration and togetherness.

The new brand positioning and visual identity were launched to over 200,000 customers in mailings sent over four weeks in November 2013, timed to precede customers’ first new-look bill. The mailing introduced the Better Together positioning and highlighted our multiproduct services. Customers were offered incentives to take up additional products and benefit from new value propositions.

Our brand strategy is being implemented in all Trustpower marketing activities, including this year’s high profile campaign in Auckland. We’re proud to have a unique market position and a fantastic visual identity that clearly defines who we are, sets us apart from our competitors, and will help us to achieve our growth aspirations.

Our new brand positions, television advertising