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Safety First

Safety First

The safety of our people is paramount to TrustPower's continuing success. Our aim is to ensure no harm to any people who work for us, or with us.

A safe workplace depends on everyone who works at TrustPower knowing how critically important safety is. This awareness starts with our induction process, and continues with ongoing training, regular communication and a commitment from management.

We understand that we can always learn and improve from our experiences, and continually look for ways to make things safer. All people working for TrustPower are expected to support this safety culture by following systems and processes to keep themselves and their workmates safe.

TrustPower has structured systems and processes to reduce risk, and to control hazards that can't be eliminated. Staff are empowered to report all safety issues, and to never accept unsafe behaviour. Participation in safety matters is widely encouraged, and there's an active group of staff representing all divisions on the Health and Safety Committee. 

Great Safety Performance 

One of TrustPower's key safety initiatives of the 2013 financial year focused on the organisation's safety climate. The Great Safety Performance (GSP) project focuses on four priority areas:


  • Knowing what to do
  • Able to do it
  • Equipped to do it
  • Wanting to do it

In all four categories, an individual's actions are influenced by how staff work together, and the support that is available to them.

GSP surveyed individuals on their thoughts about the safety climate followed by a series of GSP staff workshops. The workshops ensure the information gathered reflects the entire team's view, and enable all staff to comment and contribute towards what aspects need further improvement. Ongoing meetings then help deliver the improvements that are identified.

To date, GSP has been run in TrustPower's two high risks areas: Generation Asset Management; and Metering and Field Services. The Generation team was the GSP pilot group. The initiative was driven by the Process Leaders and supported by the Senior Leadership Team.

The graph shows the shift in results between August 2011 (Phase 1) and May 2012 (Phase 2). During this time, all survey question categories saw a positive shift. Overall, there was an improvement in 94 of the 97 questions.

From May 2013, the Generation team will run GSP Phase 3; while Metering and Field Services will run Phase 2. Importantly, people who work for TrustPower under contracts will also be included in the project, as this has been identified as a high risk area that needs attention.

"TrustPower has seen a significant change in how we manage safety issues since we rolled out GSP, we now have a great platform to bring up suggestions and ideas, evaluate it with input from all stakeholders and make informed decisions on how best to proceed."

Angus Bell, 
Health and Safety Manager