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Retrieving Data

Sustainability Outlook

At TrustPower we believe that sustainability means building a long term business through relationships with all who we interact with. In order to report on our progress in this regard we report economic, staff, environmental, customer and community related measures.

Our performance this year was comparable with previous years across the five areas we report on although not all targets were achieved.

Economic EBITDAF Growth 0.2% 9.4% 6-10% 6-10%
Staff 1 Staff Survey 74.9 73.1 76.0 76.0
Environmental Resource Consent Breaches 9 10 0 0
Customer 2 Customer Satisfaction 94% 96% >95% >95%
Community Stakeholder Consultation Completed Completed Complete detailed stakeholder consultation Complete detailed stakeholder consultation

1 Scores out of a possible 100

2 Customers rating very good or excellent

A more detailed analysis can be found in pages 24-31


All businesses face risks and challenges. Our key risks and challenges are summarised in the table below.

Economic Unable to meet future demand for electricity

Shareholder value growth
Develop a pipeline of opportunities for new investment

Costs benchmarked at below industry average

Maintain strong focus on efficiency of operation New projects all economically viable
Invest in economic growth projects New projects completed on time and to budget
Focus on long term sustainable pricing Prices set at levels so
customer base maintained
with minimal churn
Environmental Need to minimise environmental impact of generation schemes

Work closely with special interest groups and the local community to minimise impact of new generation

Zero significant resource consent breaches

Comply with resource consents
Overall impact on carbon emissions Reduce carbon footprint Year on year reduction in carbon emissions per customer
Our people Need to retain and develop a team to produce ongoing performance Extensive training and development programme

Succession planning and internal promotion

75% of management roles filled by internal promotion

Continuous improvement in staff survey results ~
  Staff survey exceeds international benchmark
Community Relationships with, and an understanding of, local communities is required to operate effectively Community engagement including sponsorship and community awards
Consultation around resource issues

Maintain a strong corporate profile in all areas in which we operate and build relationships within those communities

No resource consents turned down due to lack of consultation
Customer Dissatisfied customers prevent sustainable economic performance Competitive pricing Net customer churn <2%
Excellent customer service
Information and advice >90% satisfaction in survey

Achieved      ~ Partially achieved     x Not achieved