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Retrieving Data

Stakeholder Interaction

Our relationships with various stakeholders have been highlighted throughout this report.
The following table summarises the interaction we have had and will continue to have with our stakeholders.

Generation Communities
As required community/stakeholder meetings on key topics of interest
Regular community group meetings
Stakeholder surveys
Charitable donations and community projects
Community Awards Programme
Impact of electricity generation on communities including transport
of goods and staff
Impact on recreational areas around generation sites
Impact on local employment
Contribution to economic and sustainable development of affected communities
Targeting 100 per cent compliance with consent conditions
Mitigation projects
Environmental management systems
Policy of hiring locally where local skills and expertise are available
Sponsorship and management of local community awards
Tangata Whenua
Regular formal and informal meetings with iwi at generation sites
Minimisation of any ongoing impact and degradation on tangata
whenua cultural and spiritual values
Minimisation of, or where appropriate mitigation for, ongoing environmental footprint
Seek to understand and acknowledge tangata whenua regarding electricity schemes
Seek to understand and acknowledge the impact of activities on the values held by tangata whenua
Where possible and appropriate, reach mitigation agreements with
iwi impacted by operations
Customer interaction through customer service staff, meter readers, account managers and community relation activities
Customer surveys
Customer newsletters
Cost, reliability of and access to electricity supply
Customer service and satisfaction
Energy efficiency and renewable generation
Company reputation
Treat all customers fairly and with respect
Be aware of, and seek to minimise risk for, vulnerable customers
Provide energy efficiency advice to customers
Aim to provide the highest level of service
Deliver open and transparent pricing / billing
Staff surveys
Staff newsletter
Direct engagement on key topics of interest
Staff committee
Senior Management Team’s staff updates
Inter-team challenges, sports and fun evenings
Employee involvement in community activity
Work/life balance
Achieving and maintaining zero health and safety incidents
Competitive rates of pay
Being a socially and environmentally responsible employer
Training and development
Being regarded and respected as a responsible employer and an employer of choice
Monitor staff work levels, performance and feedback
Market based remuneration
Provide leadership development programme
Promote wellness programme
Keep employees well informed about our business
Promote internally for 75% of positions
Subsidise life, trauma and income protection insurance
Special Interest Groups
Meetings to discuss key topics of interest
Partnerships and funding to deliver, where appropriate, community projects
Respond to information requests
Membership of relevant organisations
Community Connect website
Contribution to climate change
Impact on local communities – positive and negative
Show an interest in and ability to support community development
Promotion of and support for community voluntary sector
Contribution to climate change strategy
Develop renewable electricity generation
Briefings with Ministers and officials
Submissions on policy
Contribution to development of policy
Participation in working groups, conferences and meetings
Security of supply
Ensuring company corporate social responsibility
Assist with development of climate change strategy
Engage with the Government and other stakeholders and submit on
key energy policy documents
Develop renewable generation
Electricity Sector
Submissions on electricity sector policy
Participation in utility forums
Working with other industry stakeholders on mutual interests related
to planning and regulation
Security of supply
Submit on the Ministerial Review of Electricity Market Performance
Participate in working groups, conferences and other key forums on key topics of mutual interest
Suppliers and Contractors
Contractual arrangements
Procurement policy
Policies, procedures and requirements are clearly understood
Development and implementation of a sustainable procurement policy
General Community
Media liaison
Public meetings
Direct mail communications
Direct community involvement
Keeping the lights on uninterrupted
Contribution to climate change
Cost and access to energy
Impact on local communities positive and negative
Climate change strategy
Direct community involvement, interaction, sponsorship and support
Annual meeting
Board representatives
Reports and publications
Sustainable earnings
Shareholder value
Considered economic investment
Deliver sustainable shareholder returns