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Management Team

“What is a highlight, from your perspective, of the last ten years of the TrustPower business?”

Vince Hawksworth
Chief Executive

“The opportunity to lead a company with motivated people, real values and passion for our customers and their communities is really attractive to me. I am excited by the way we create the environment for our people to grow and deliver outstanding results for our shareholders. Joining TrustPower was a great decision.”

Robert Farron
Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

“In early 2004, the Company’s growth prospects were an important influence in my decision to make a career move. It is very satisfying to see TrustPower achieve 10 years of consecutive EBITDAF growth and to have been involved in over $600 million of successful investment. Even more exciting, is that TrustPower currently has, arguably, the best development pipeline of renewable investment opportunities in Australasia so the potential for further growth that adds value to shareholders is very good.”

Simon Clarke
General Manager Business Solutions & Technology

“TrustPower can be incredibly proud of what it has achieved over the last decade. Having previously worked for one of our competitors, I know that this business is admired and seen as the benchmark by the rest of the industry. I think TrustPower’s secret sauce is that we have an incredibly talented and dedicated group of people that all have an absolute focus on the quality of the customer service we provide. Building on this culture, being attuned to our customers’ needs and harnessing new technologies will be critical in ensuring that we maintain our leadership position.”

Karen Boyte
General Manager Human Resources

“Over the almost nine years I have been at TrustPower, the highlight for me is, and continues to be, seeing the development and growth of our staff. We continue to develop our leaders through the business at all levels and this provides us all with sense of pride and achievement. TrustPower has an enthusiastic and committed team who consistently go the extra mile for our customers, our community and our other stakeholders.”

Therese Thorn
General Manager Trading

“Over this last ten years, a key source of pride has been TrustPower’s ability to balance the risks and rewards associated with our wholesale market operations. TrustPower’s team has developed the skills to enable the Company to become a very consistent performer over this period despite both very dry (causing high prices) and very wet (causing low prices) hydrology conditions from time to time.”

Deion Campbell
General Manager Generation

“For me the highlight is how much we have achieved with our generation assets. We have enhanced the existing assets, secured a significant development pipeline, successfully completed six new construction projects including one in Australia. The capability of our team has grown enormously and we are ready to deliver more value to the shareholders over the next 10 years.”

Chris O’Hara
BAgrSc, Dip. Bus
General Manager Commercial Operations

“I joined TrustPower in 1999 on the eve of retail contestability following the Bradford reforms. Over the past 13 years I have seen TrustPower grow from a moderately performing provincial company to an international company that is the leader in its sector. The resulting growth in shareholder value is a source of great pride throughout our organisation, and is due to the absolute passion and dedication of our people to achieve superior outcomes, within an environment that fosters genuine care for customers and staff.”

Peter Calderwood
General Manager Strategy & Growth

“TrustPower’s wind generation business has grown in the last ten years to be a major player not just in New Zealand but is now a recognised developer in Australia, with stage 2 of the Snowtown Wind Farm close to commitment and a significant pipeline in SA, VIC and NSW. I have also been fortunate to be involved in many of the new initiatives that have resulted in significant increases in shareholder value.”