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Leading Growth

Craig Neustroski has continued to develop his career, since he joined TrustPower over ten years ago. He is now our National Sales Manager, personifying the wealth of leadership potential that exists within our company. Here is Craig’s story, in his own words.

Back in 1998, the industry was undergoing a period of significant change – many companies were at a crossroads. TrustPower was focused on expanding from its traditional base in the Bay of Plenty, into the South Island. The Company was looking to open a sales office in Christchurch, and replicate a model that had served it well in the North Island.

In June, I applied for a role as an account manager in that prospective office. I was not long out of University and working in a more junior role for another power company based in Christchurch.  Although TrustPower was little known in the South Island, the decision to join was an easy one. I was impressed by the energy and vision within the Company, and the good vibe that permeated TrustPower’s Head Office. 

Barry Harkerss also took a role as account manager and the two of us opened the Christchurch office together in August 1998, just as the Company began a period of rapid expansion. The next few years were an exciting time in the industry. Fast change and growth created the opportunity for many of us to undertake a broad range of tasks, working with and learning from some truly talented individuals. 

My next break came in 2002 when I secured the role of Commercial Sales Manager. As such, I was responsible for TrustPower’s sales and customers in the Commercial and Industrial segment, and for the team of account managers that supported that segment. It was my first significant leadership role, but the support I received from senior managers and the training opportunities I was given made the transition relatively easy. 

TrustPower’s leadership team has always been committed to developing and growing from within. Over the next few years I was given the opportunity to work on various projects. I was able to lead, and experience, other segments of our business.

In 2007, I was promoted to National Sales Manager, becoming responsible for all the company’s retail sales. It was a big step. However the development opportunities I had been given previously, and the support I was given on commencing the role, allowed me to comfortably pick up the extra responsibility.

Even now TrustPower continues to support me with regular one-on-one time with senior managers. The focus is on training and development – looking forward and identifying opportunities to help me achieve the best in my career, for our team, and for our customers nationwide.

TrustPower has a bright future so I’m sure there will be many more opportunities. We continue to develop good people – and create excellent career pathways.

It would be easy to begin to take things for granted! So I’m always pleased to hear people commenting, when they come to visit, that they sense the same energy, vision and vibe within the company that attracted me to TrustPower in the first place.