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Retrieving Data

Highlights 2012

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation and fair value movements of financial instruments was $300.1 million an increase of 9% and the 10th year of continuous growth.

Underlying earnings after tax of $135.5 million an increase of 16%.

Successful replacement of the Company’s core customer information and billing system with Gentrack GTV.

Contract negotiations substantially completed for Snowtown Stage II Wind Farm and co-investor selection process well advanced.

Strategic Focus 2013

Financial close of Snowtown Stage II Wind Farm.

Enhancement of core customer information system with focus on improved customer experience.

Protect and grow TrustPower’s premium retail brand.

Construction of Esk Hydro and Arnold residual flow generation projects.

Progress Canterbury hydro / irrigation opportunities.

Progress wind development opportunities in New South Wales and Victoria.