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Demonstrating our Commitment

Earning our customers’ loyalty spans the whole experience they have with us. So all of us involved in serving customers – whether in the billing team, call centre, meter reading, or anywhere else in TrustPower – need to be on top of our game. We need to passionately serve each customer, and resolve any problems they may have.

This commitment has seen us refresh our Friends brand and benefits, rewarding customers for their long-term loyalty, and recognising those who spend more with us.

In August 2011, Friends customers received a special package from us, with a small gift of a Friends pen, and details of the current and new benefits available to them.

What our Friends customers are telling us...

“I would like to congratulate and thank you for remembering your long-term customers. So many firms think only of giving benefits to new customers … for that reason I have turned down an offer [from another supplier] for cheaper power.”

“It was lovely that you called me to let me know that my power bill was going to be larger than normal. I really appreciated that call.”

“Thanks for calling me about my high bill and letting me know that my hot water usage had increased so much. Without that information I wouldn’t have found the problem with my overflow pipe as quickly as I did.”

“Many thanks for the pen and newsy letter. We like the way you do business and keep in touch with your clients. These are good offers you are making.”

Friends benefits include:

 • Friends Discount – Friends customers receive a price discount. They pay less than TrustPower’s Standard price.
 • Prompt Payment Discount - Our customers get a discount for prompt payment. If a Friends customer pays a little late from time to time we turn a blind eye. That means we’ll re-allow their prompt payment discount at their request once every six months.
 • High bill calls – If a bill for a Friends customer seems unusually high, we call to try and work out the cause, and if necessary, talk through solutions.
 • Energy Watch Monitor – Friends customers can borrow an Energy Watch Monitor so they can see in real time how much power their appliances are using, and the cost.
 • Special offers – Initial Friends offers included 50% off a quality Belkin Surge Protector; between 25% and 45% off selected wines from respected New Zealand winemakers, and 25% off purchase of an Energy Watch Monitor.

Great response to special offers

 • We received many thousands of orders from Friends customers, for Belkin Surge Protectors. A good number purchased more than one, and expressed their appreciation of the opportunity to get such a great deal on a quality product.
 • The Energy Watch Monitor offer also proved popular. Many Friends customers borrowed a monitor to check what each of their appliances costs to run; many more chose to purchase a monitor at the special price.
 • The wine offer was also appreciated. We received feedback from our Friends customers that included: “Awesome wine, really great that TrustPower has made this available to us,” and “Good wine at a really good price”.
 • At the time of writing, we are finalising our next special offers for our Friends customers. And we continue to seek new ways to add value to our relationship with them.