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Community Awards Recognise Excellence

Supporting the backbone of the communities in which we operate sees the TrustPower Community Awards running in 26 regions throughout New Zealand. In partnership with district and city councils, the awards recognise hard-working local voluntary groups, and create a platform for communities to share and celebrate their achievements. Now in its 18th year, the awards programme also helps us to strengthen relationships with communities, from grass roots through to mayors and MPs.


700,000 children learn the power of positive friendship.

Nearly 700,000 kiwi kids can’t be wrong – award-winning magician Elgregoe is one of New Zealand’s top school show performers. The TrustPower sponsored magician’s ‘You’ve Got the Power’ show teaches key ingredients for good friendships, with an emphasis on combating bullying behaviour. He uses tricks, puppets, ventriloquism, music, stories and clever props (including live birds) to convey his magic message.


The 2011 TrustPower National Community Awards, held in Ashburton District in March 2012, saw for the first time the awarding of joint overall winners to two distinctly different organisations, as well as a runner up.

One overall winner was the Denniston Heritage Trust, from Buller District and represented by Peter Robertson and John Green. The Trust has preserved the heritage of one of New Zealand’s largest producing coal fields, turning it into a unique visitor attraction that showcases the richness of Denniston’s historic and natural heritage, cleverly aided by the use of up to the minute technology.

The other overall winner, Trev’s BBQ, represented by Trevor Hurley and his wife Jane from Ashburton, not only responded immediately to the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake by providing food and support to people in need, but continued to travel to Christchurch 46 times to provide that support for months afterwards as the region was rocked by ongoing earthquakes and aftershocks. The 350 people that helped on the first night grew to tens of thousands. They contributed over 4,000 volunteer hours in addition to significant goods and services as well as $22,000 cash.

“It was the most amazing, sad, humbling, life-changing experience ... the generosity of the Ashburton people and people from all around the country was overwhelming, and will always be remembered,“ said Jane Hurley at the Awards presentations.

The runner-up was the Homes of Hope Charitable Trust from Tauranga, which provides stable and loving care to children who have been traumatised due to child abuse and neglect, caring for 76 children in their Tauranga homes and providing them with anchors for life.


Energising community good all across Otago.

Malcolm Cameron, 2012 Senior New Zealander of the Year, and the organisation he founded, Malcam Trust, are great friends of TrustPower. Malcolm is always coming up with new ideas to address his community’s needs: he’s passionate about giving young people a chance.

The Malcam Trust provides youth development and transitional programmes across Otago. Back in 2001, the trust was the inaugural Supreme Winner of the TrustPower Dunedin Community Awards. Since then, TrustPower has continued to provide support by donating several vehicles, and by establishing the TrustPower Dunedin Lend A Hand Foundation (see below).

“TrustPower has been everything to the trust,” reflects Malcolm. “For us as an organisation supporting the youth of Dunedin, we’ve been able to do a whole lot more — through the sponsorship and the assistance we’ve received. Suddenly we had someone who was much bigger than us, who was prepared to support who and what we are, and prepared to support the community. That has huge value for us, just huge value. And so the relationship grew from there. And it’s still growing today.”


Supporting charitable initiatives in their important work.

The Lend A Hand Foundation is all about a hand up, not a hand out. The Foundation assists small charitable organisations and individuals, through funding, mentoring or/and the provision of goods and services. Lend A Hand was first set up in Dunedin with the support of TrustPower in 2004; it now also operates in Central Otago and on the West Coast of the South Island, run by local Rotary Clubs. Snowtown in Australia has one too, run by the local Lions Club.

TrustPower provides the Foundations with initial funds and an annual top-up, matched by the respective Rotary or Lions Club. Community-minded businesses then provide financial and in-kind assistance to help their local Foundation continue its important work.